David Fuller: Health secretary announces inquiry into necrophiliac’s crimes and apologises to victims’ families

The health secretary has announced an independent inquiry into the David Fuller case and has apologised to victims’ families.

Fuller, a 67-year-old hospital electrician, admitted murdering, then sexually assaulting two women over 30 years ago, and also admitted to carrying out sex attacks on dozens of dead bodies in the morgue of the hospital where he worked.

He used access granted to him as an NHS maintenance worker to assault his victims, aged from nine to a 100-years-old, in mortuaries in Kent.

The inquiry will look into the circumstances surrounding the crimes to help the government understand how they took place without being detected.

“We must act to make sure that nothing like this can ever happen again,” Sajid Javid said.

The inquiry will be split into two parts, with an interim report published early next year.

The second report will look at “the broader national picture” and the wider lessons for the NHS and other settings.

The terms of reference for the inquiry will be published “in due course”.

Sir Jonathan Michael, an experienced NHS executive who will chair the inquiry, will ask the families of the victims for input into the process.

His findings will be published and made public.

Mr Javid said: “We have a responsibility to everyone affected by these shocking crimes, to do right by those we’ve lost and those still left behind in their shock and their grief.”

Last month the NHS ordered all health trusts to review mortuary access and post-mortem activities.

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