Davis outlines crucial Covid passport flaw as Boris Johnson hints at pass introduction

Omicron: David Davis outlines crucial Covid passport flaw

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David Davis suggested that the introduction of vaccine passports will only give people a false sense of security as the risk of contracting the virus is still as real as ever. The Tory MP claimed that vaccination may decrease the risk of hospitalization and death to 90 percent but emphasised that there is still a 50 percent chance of being infected with the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2. In England, people may soon be required to show their Covid status as new coronavirus measures are being introduced after prime minister Boris Johnson set ‘Plan B’ restrictions in place yesterday.

Mr Johnson also warned that there will be a ‘national conversation’ about mandatory vaccination for the UK as vaccinated people should not be punished with lockdowns and imposed other bans just because others refuse to get jabbed.

Vaccine passports are already mandatory in entertainment venues to tackle the rise of the new Omicron variant across the country but they could soon be mandatory in a bid to force everyone to take the jab.

Mr Davis also stressed that vaccination protects each person individually first and foremost.

Speaking to Robert Peston on ITV, David Davis said: “Vaccination protects you primarily.

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“There is a 90 percent reduction in hospitalization risks, 90 something reduction in death risks. But it only cuts the risk of infection by about half.

“So there is a real danger that you give people vaccine certificates and they then sort of think they are safe now.

“But actually they are not, they are not.

“And 5,000 people go to a sort of event and some of them will be infectious.

Sajid Javid says he is against imposing mandatory vaccinations

“So, you are doing something which could absolutely backfire.”

To control the spread of the Omicron variant the Prime Minister announced that people must work from home if possible and that face masks will become a legal requirement in most public indoor areas from Friday after nearly five months when they were not.

For some people, the new measures were just a way of deflecting the attention from his Christmas party scandal at Number 10 in Downing Street a year ago.


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From this weekend football fans, journalists, and photographers attending Premier League games will already be asked to show a vaccine passports, not least if the game they attend boasts a crowd of over 10,000 people. 

In the UK little less than a third of the population people has yet to get jabbed. And one of the reasons why some people are still reluctant is that they can still test positive afterwards.

Mr Johnson said that the Government cannot ‘keep going indefinitely with non-pharmaceutical interventions’.

When asked if he follows the example of Austria to introduce compulsory jabs Mr Johnson said: “I think we are going to need to have a national conversation about the way forward and the other things we can do to protect those who haven’t got vaccinated for one reason or another.

“I don’t believe we can keep going indefinitely with non-pharmaceutical interventions. I mean restrictions on people’s way of life, just because a substantial proportion of the population still sadly has not got vaccinated.”

But health secretary Sajid Javid said he is opposed to the idea of introducing mandatory jabs.

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