Diana’s ex-butler urges Harry to ‘stop now’ amid Megxit memoir claims

Prince Harry’s claim of William fight is slammed by host

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Princess Diana’s ex-butler shared his views on what the late Princess of Wales would have thought of Prince Harry’s latest allegations in his upcoming book. Paul Burrell was in discussion with GB News’ Mark Dolan on Thursday evening.

When asked what “would she make of this alleged fight between the boys”, Mr Burrell said: “She would say: ‘Harry, stop it now. You two are equal in my eyes and I love you both equally. You should be together always.’

“Poor William doesn’t have a voice in all of this because William chose the dignity and silence route.

“Harry has decided to go public with very personal and private information and speaking on behalf of his brother is washing dirty laundry in public.

“He is a very hurt and angry young man.

“But remember, there are two sides to every story and we may never hear the other side of the story because those people are staying quiet.

“I am very interested to learn what he thinks about what happened when his mother passed because I was there during that whole time.

“And remember, Harry was looking at this whole scenario through 11-year-old eyes.

“He was the child that couldn’t see that his father actually needs someone to stand beside and help him through.

“This was the mother of his two children and you know Camilla was there and give her credit. She stuck by him and stuck with the program all this time.

“She deserves better than this and just before the coronation, I think the King deserves better than this from his son. Harry always knew his place.

“He always knew that he had a very privileged life.”

Prince Harry has revealed how his father, King Charles, sat on the end of his bed when he was a child and told him his mother had been in a car accident.

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The Duke of Sussex claimed his dad did not hug him but also said to him at Balmoral Castle in August, 1997: “My dear son, mum has had a car accident.”

The Duke’s revelation is one of many to emerge as excerpts from his memoir, Spare, were recounted in the Guardian on Thursday.

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