Disabled woman trapped in home after council’s new gate blocks access

A woman was trapped in her own home – after a council fitted a new gate which her mobility scooter couldn’t get through.

Jayne Kustra, who can’t walk for anything other than short distances due to her osteoarthritis, spinal problems and fibromyalgia, found it impossible to get her scooter out of her garden.

Swindon Borough Council, controlled by the Tories, put in a new fence and gate last month but a post blocked Jayne’s access.

“The council came round in early February and put in a new fence and gate. It’s a really nice job,” the woman explained.

“But the angle of the gate means it’s almost impossible to get the scooter back in through it, because there’s a post in the way.”

Speaking to Wiltshire Live, Jayne said that the first time she went out with the scooter after the gate had been installed she was stuck until a neighbour came to help.

Jayne added: “I got off, and she lifted the back up in the air to get it turned in. But it’s very heavy, and I can’t do it.”

Jayne said an inspector from the borough council came out a few days after the new fence was put in, and agreed to have a wider gate installed – but then she heard nothing for nearly a month.

She added: “I kept trying to get hold of the inspector but couldn’t and then I got a letter telling me the council would come out on April 4 to fix the gate.”

Jayne was pleased to hear it, but concerned that it would leave her almost isolated at home for a total of two months: “I can walk short distances, but not very far at all. This would mean it was two months I couldn’t use my scooter and basically that would keep me in for nearly all of that time.”

Swindon Borough Council workers have now announced they will come out to fix her fence to enable her to get out, reports Wiltshire Live. 

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