Doctor who quizzed woman on sex life will be back in 6 months

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But Dr Clive Kelly will be allowed to return to work after serving a six-month punishment because his skills will be needed during the expected winter increase in Covid cases.

The medic warned the younger woman she would live a “lonely life” if she cut contact with him as he sent a stream of Facebook messages and emails after viewing her medical records.

The ban for serious misconduct follows a decision by a medical tribunal panel that Dr Kelly’s fitness to practise was impaired due to harassment and dishonesty.

Proceedings took place after an investigation by the General Medical Council into claims he targeted “Miss B” with unwanted messages, probing her mental health and sex life.

In documents outlining the charges, it stated that in 2017 Dr Kelly accessed the records of a “Mrs A” without having a legitimate reason or her permission.

He then disclosed information about Mrs A to Miss B. Dr Kelly, left, who used to work for James Cook University Hospital in Middlesbrough, fo Unive M also sent a document entitled “last chance” to Miss B, after she told him not to contact her or her family again.

He said she was becoming paranoid, referred to her mental illness, and made comments about her childhood issues and “reputation at university”.

However, Lindsay Irvine, Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service chairman, said: “While serious, it had not been specifically alleged that Dr Kelly’s harassment was predatory or sexually motivated.”

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