Dog desperate for home after crying for five days at rescue shelter

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Belle, a crossbreed, was sent to a rescue shelter by her family after she developed several health issues, including depression, and has since cowered in a corner when humans or other dogs tried to approach her. Oakwood Dog Rescue, which is in Hull, said the two-year-old dog “was absolutely terrified”.

The animal rescue centre paid for Belle to be flown to the UK after her family handed her to a sister centre in their native Romania, Mirror reports.

The ordeal had left Belle bereft of confidence – but staff have tried tirelessly to help the canine and she’s now ready for a new home in the UK.

“She is still very wary of new people so we are working on building up her confidence around new people to help her see that nobody is going to make her do anything she is not ready for,” a spokeswoman for Oakwood Dog Rescue said.

“It took Belle six days to be able to warm up to one of the staff members she had not met when returning to the kennels.

“Once Belle is comfortable with you she is very fussy, excitable and loving. She will choose when she is confident enough to approach someone for this, it cannot be forced.”

The team have been working to increase Belle’s trust in humans by using high value treats when interacting with her.

Staff have also been lead training and socialising her with other dogs in hope she will be able to become a well-rounded pet to her new owners.

The spokeswoman added: “When she arrived she was very timid and we could not physically touch Belle.

“As you can imagine, losing her home after this period of time really knocked any confidence Belle had.

“She was absolutely terrified and didn’t trust anybody, she did not want to be touched and didn’t eat food for five days.

“Belle would howl and cry, confused as to why she could not go back home.

“She has met a couple of dogs in the rescue but is very unsure what she is supposed to do with them and can become frustrated when they become excitable or get in her space.

“We are still socialising Belle with dogs to see whether she will get on with a certain personality, but at the moment Belle is showing us that she prefers company of humans that she likes. She may be able to walk with calm friend or family dogs in the future.”

The two-year-old dog would benefit from an owner with low leaving hours as she settles into her new home. She also needs a secure garden with a 6ft fence.

“Belle has had her entire world flipped upside down and needs a very patient, quiet home that are happy to give her space and take a hands-off approach until she is more settled,” the spokeswoman added.

“We know Belle has lots of potential and love to give to people, we just need to find her a family that can understand what she has been through in her short life and give her all the time she needs to become confident in her new home.”

If you’re interested in rehoming Belle, or any other animals at Oakwood Dog Rescue, contact their team via their website

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