Dog killed after running into road having been spooked by fireworks

Dog trainer shares advice ahead of Fireworks Night

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Loud bangs and explosions from fireworks startled five-year-old cocker/springer spaniel cross Cadi when she was in the garden. Garry and Ceri Hamilton described how Cadi, spooked by the sounds, ploughed through the fence surrounding the garden of their property, according to Wales Online.

The frightened dog was spotted running around the local park following her frantic escape.

Garry, 58, told Wales Online that he was crushed to receive a phone call telling him that his beloved pet had been run over by a passing vehicle.

He described Cadi as a “fantastic, affectionate” animal.

He said; “It was all quiet when we let her out, but it suddenly got very noisy very quickly.

“She must have freaked out and escaped somehow.”

Tragically, he recounted: “Before I could go and look for her I got word that she’d been hit by a car and killed.

“Someone must have taken her to the local vet who, having found our details on Cadi’s microchip, called us with the awful news.”

Garry’s daughter, Caitlin, labelled Cadi as the “reason to get up early each morning” for her grieving father.

Garry said: “We’re distraught, she was such a fantastic dog, very affectionate.

“I loved our walks together.

“I just want to warn other pet owners that, even though Bonfire Night is over, to keep a close eye on their animals.

“People will still be setting off fireworks in the run-up to Christmas and we don’t want what happened to Cadi happening to anyone else’s dog.”

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Dogs in particular are among the household pets most terrified by the loud noises of fireworks being set off nearby at this time of year.

The RSPCA estimate that 45 percent of dogs in the UK are visibly fearful of the noises from fireworks.

They advise that pet owners take a number of precautions to shield their pets from loud firework bangs throughout November and December.

They recommend that dog owners create a “doggy safe haven”, which is a “quiet area” where “they feel in control”.

Dogs should be taken for walks during daylight hours, when fireworks are unlikely to be set off nearby.

Windows and curtains can be used to “muffle the sound of fireworks” and block out the visible signs “so they can’t see any flashes outside”.

Music or TV noise can help to cover the louder, explosive sounds of the fireworks.

If pet owners also ignore the firework noises, this may soothe anxious dogs.

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