Dog’s ghost appears in incredible photo after loyal pet died – ‘crying happy tears’

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Angelita Casale, who lives in Arizona in the United States, posted a photo to Reddit of a shadowy dog-like shape next to her after Rocky died in August. She wrote: “I think this is evidence that he’s still by my side.”

Casale, 34, said she had previously “always been intrigued by ghosts, but never seen one with my own eyes” until she saw the photo taken by her home’s security camera. 

She and her husband had been out for a Friday evening and when they came back home, they “didn’t notice or feel anything and went in for the night”.

But on the Sunday that weekend, Casale’s husband reviewed their security camera footage and he noticed an image and sent it to her. 

She added: “At first I didn’t see it until he pointed it out.” The image shows the Casales outdoors, a bright white light obscuring some of the image, and then what could be the blurry shape of a dog by their feet. 

“I came to the realisation that the shape resembled Rocky,” says Casale. “I started crying happy tears at what I was seeing.”

Rocky “turned from an older dog into a puppy again” when the family moved from a city to a rural area last year, and loved running around all day in the wide open space, she explains, recalling the beloved dog.

“Rocky was a very loyal dog who was constantly by our side,” said Casale. 

“His entire life, we worked from home, so he was always under our feet, and as soon as our older boys (aged 16 and 11) came home from school, he would spend the rest of the day and night with them.”

Casale is not alone in believing Rocky visited her in spirit. Many people have commented on her Reddit post with stories of their own loss and experiences of pets seemingly visiting them from beyond.

And as part of a poll conducted by Animal Friends, it was found that 40 percent of owners believe they have, or will be, visited by the spirit of their former pet.

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