Dominic Cummings crisis: Opposition leaders team up – ‘Stop-Brexiters are back together!’

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Last week, it emerged Mr Cummings travelled to County Durham from London during the lockdown before carrying out another trip while there. Mr Cummings did not apologise during a press conference called to address the crisis yesterday.

As pressure continues to mount for the Prime Minister, who defended his senior aide’s actions, opposition party leaders are planning a meeting to “discuss the next steps in holding” Mr Johnson and Mr Cummings to account.

According to Politico, the conference call will go ahead at 11am today and multiple sources confirmed the call will go ahead to Joe Pike, political correspondent for Sky News.

Playbook report: “All MPs know that the Cummings story has cut through.

“The public is angry. Opposition leaders want to work together to show the government that anger is real, and simply cannot be ignored.”

However, many have pointed out the Prime Minister has a majority of 80 and it’s unlikely anything meaningful will come from the conference call.

George Galloway, the party leader for the Workers Party GB, said: “The Stop-Brexiteers have got the band back together!

“Going on tour apparently. #Brexit”

Simon Clarke, Minister of State for Regional Growth and Local Government, mocked the group, who he said “have a majority of -80”.

Former UKIP leader, Henry Bolton OBE, said that the “lack of statesmanship within British politicians is shocking”.

He wrote: “Thereby confirming this is about politics; confirming that this is actually about inflicting damage on the government; confirming that this is not about right & wrong, but about political opportunism.

“The lack of statesmanship within British politicians is shocking.”

Some argued the attack on Mr Cummings was fuelled by anti-Brexit sentiment.

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Twitter user LizaUK wrote: “Clearly a plan is being hatched to distract from Brexit plans.

“They are aware we’re in a crisis and the oppositions are not helping.

“Instead they are out to destroy the government.

“Resist, steadfast and ignore the noise. Let a body deal with them.”

James Sinclair wrote that this is “Brexit all over again” and said “people are not going to stand for this.”

Mr Cummings said he drove to the north-east while he and his wife, journalist Mary Wakefield, were showing symptoms of COVID-19.

He drove north to be closer to his family in order to gain help looking after the couple’s child. 

The couple remained in self isolation in a nearby property as they battled the virus.

Yesterday he said he also drove to Barnard Castle, in order to test whether he felt healthy enough for the longer trip back down to London.

At an extraordinary press conference yesterday, the BBC’s Laura Kuenssberg asked whether Mr Cummings regretted his actions and whether he understood the outrage people around Britain feel regarding his actions.

Mr Cummings answered: “No, I don’t regret what I did.

“As I said, and reasonable people may disagree, about how I thought about what to do in these circumstances.

“In terms of the rules, they made clear that if you are dealing with small children that can be exceptional circumstances.

“I think the situation I was in was exceptional circumstances and I think the way I dealt with it was the least risk to everybody concerned if me and my wife were unable to look after our 4-year-old.”

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