Dominic Grieve stunned as radio host savages him on Brexit ‘We knew there would be risks!’

Former Tory Dominic Grieve was appearing on talkRADIO to discuss the latest general election 2019 developments when he was quizzed by host Cristo Foufas on Brexit. Mr Foufas grilled Mr Gireve after the independent candidate claimed the UK would “still be mired” in “very difficult and risky talks” over Brexit, despite Boris Johnson insisting he was going to “get Brexit done”. 

He said: “This is the problem: Boris says ‘I am going to get Brexit done. I am going to solve Brexit.’ 

“But he is not. We may leave the EU on January 31 but we are still going to be mired in very difficult and very risky talks about the future relationship.

“And if he can’t get in a very short period a deal, which most external observers think is impossible, then we will end up with no trading arrangements, which will then do us immense damage.”

Host Mr Foufas shot back: However, love it or loathe it, Mr Grieve, that is what people voted for!” 

He added: “People will say: ‘look, we knew all this!’

“We knew there was a risk there would be no deal. 

“We knew there was a risk this might not turn out as brilliantly as we wanted.

“But we want to leave the EU more than we care about the consequences! What do you say to them?”

Mr Grieve responded: “It is possible such people exist. But there is no evidence all 17.4 million who voted to leave thought that at all.

“And this is the problem: there is absolutely no evidence of that.

“To vote to destroy the UK – despite Mr Johnson’s lies about what it is going to do to our country – is something which I, as a Unionist, find extremely unpalatable.

“And I think people should confirm that is what they want.”

Mr Grieve’s scathing intervention comes after former Tory leader Sir John Major urged voters to turn their backs on the Conservative Party and endorse candidates like Mr Grieve who had left their party over Brexit. 

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Joining forces with fellow Remainer former Labour leader Tony Blair, the ex-Tory leader said: “Let me make one thing absolutely clear: none of them has left the Conservative Party, the Conservative Party has left them.

“Without such talent on its benches, Parliament will be the poorer, which is why – if I were resident in any one of their constituencies – they would have my vote.”

Responding to Sir John’s plea, Mr Grieve told talkRADIO: “It’s very kind of him, I suspect it was not an easy thing for him to do as a former Conservative Prime Minister.”

The Prime Minister, however, was unequivocal in his condemnation. 

He told reporters at a rally in Maidstone, Kent: “I think it’s very sad and I think that he is wrong. And I think that he represents a view that is outdated, alas, greatly that I respect him and his record, and I think that what we need to do now is honour the will of the people and get Brexit done.” 

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