‘Don’t have to hurt somebody!’ Insulate Britain activist ‘stamped on’ in latest protest

Insulate Britain protester claims passer-by stamped on her

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Insulate Britain blocked two roads around Parliament Square in London, with supporters of the group sitting in the carriageway and holding banners. The group said 62 members sat on the ground while holding Insulate Britain banners on the southeast of Parliament Square, on Bridge Street, and at the Peers’ entrance to the Houses of Parliament. But one protester had her hand “stamped on” in a shocking show of anger by a member of the public.

Speaking to LBC, Marguerite said: “He said to me, ‘are you glued on?’ and then he just stamped on my hand and it is shocking that people will do that sort of thing.

“He didn’t stop to say anything and he was walking so he didn’t look like he was a driver.”

Asked if it scares her, the protester continued: “I’m not easily scared but I’m not young. I don’t know what to say.

“It’s awful. You can have an opinion but you don’t have to hurt somebody to express it.

“It is worrying that people will go to those lengths to express their anger.”

Around 30 protesters glued themselves to the ground on Thursday as part of the group’s ongoing demonstrations on roads across the UK.

Paul Sheeky, a protester from London, was glued to the pavement during the protests.

He told the PA news agency: “We have been out on the road now for several weeks and a lot of the time the drivers say to us ‘this is not the right way to be doing this, go to Parliament, protest there’.

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“We thought we would take that advice and give it a go. We know from protesting in Parliament in the past it doesn’t work, which is why we have to protest on the roads, but we thought we would come here altogether as a show of unity just to say, yes we are going to keep going.”

He added: “This is fine compared to what is coming from the climate crisis, this is a walk in the park essentially.

“The death and destruction that is on its way unless we tackle this issue is just beyond imagining. A slight discomfort now is a small price to pay for saving lives in the future.”

Diana Hekt, from Huddersfield, was also glued to the pavement next to Mr Sheeky.


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She said police communicating with the protesters had been “very civil and polite”.

Peter Anthony-Gord, a bus driver with Abellio London Bus, criticised the group’s action.

He told PA: “I don’t think they are doing this properly. I really think there is a better way to do this. There are ways of insulating Britain which you can do with other sources, other people, companies, private finance etc rather than causing absolute chaos in London. This is not going to insulate one home sitting here.”

Mr Anthony-Gord said he had been waiting in his bus at the head of the queuing traffic on Parliament Square for 34 minutes, and would usually be driving a route towards Crystal Palace over Lambeth Bridge.

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