‘Don’t raise your voice at me!’ Vine host slams Insulate Britain guest shouting at caller

Insulate Britain activist accuses media of 'lying' about climate change

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Insulate Britain spokesman Cameron Ford broke into an enraged rant while speaking on Jeremy Vine. Jeremy Vine on Five temporary host Claudia-Liza Vaderpuije attempted to calm down the activist during the rant aimed at a caller questioning the group’s ongoing disruption campaign. She demanded the climate change activist not raise his voice at her.

Mr Ford said: “It is unfortunate that we have to be in this situation.

“If we are not gaining support it is because the media has been lying to the general public for the last 30-40 years.

“Lies about the climate crisis, they have not been reporting on it properly, if they had been more people would be up in arms and willing to risk arrest because they realise the truth of how little time we have left.”

The Jeremy Vine host then began to reply before Mr Ford began shouting her down.

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He continued: “I am not going to stand by and let the Government decide who dies and who lives.

“I am sick of this, I am standing up for this.

“We need to come together and rise up.”

Ms Vanderpuije managed to get a word in to say not to shout at her.

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She said: “Cameron, don’t raise your voice.

“No one is disputing that, we are having a decent conversation here.

“Don’t raise your voice at me, what I was trying to say that anytime there is a natural disaster, if there seem to be any links to climate change, this is something the media reports.”

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Insulate Britain have faced further condemnation from the public over the latest bout of on-road protests. 

On Wednesday, a group of Insulate Britain protesters were attacked by an individual with ink. 

After the attack, one protestor said he feared for his safety.

However, he did say he still remained committed to the cause. 

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