Dozens of wild deer 'trapped' by huge crowd of 100 people in park

A large family of ‘frightened’ wild deer were trapped in a circle of more than 100 people at Richmond Park.

The large group of people gathered in one of the fields near Sawyer’s Hill on Saturday, leaving the deer stuck in the middle of the huge crowd.

The Royal Parks’ official guidance advises people to stay at least 50 metres away from wild deer at all times, which some people in the photos did not appear to be doing.

One visitor told Richmond Nub News: ‘There was a nursery of fawns. It was awful really. They were surrounded by 150 people, maybe even a little more, many of whom were far too close.

‘The fawns looked frightened and were penned in. They were trapped in effect. It was very disturbing and upsetting to see.’

The visitor added that the deer attempted to run away but ‘there was nowhere for them to escape’.

Richmond Park, in London, was created as a deer park in the 17th century and is of international importance for wildlife conservation.

The Richmond Nub News was also told of another incident where a cyclist nearly hit a stag as he was riding down Sawyer’s Hill.

The source said: ‘Cyclists were riding way too fast and the stag suddenly bolted across the road and a cyclist had to swerve and missed him by inches.

‘The deer and the wildlife, it’s their park. We’re visitors for a few hours and we need to behave, whether we’re on foot, in a car or on a bike. We need to behave in a way that respects nature.’

The Royal Parks published a blog last month urging visitors to be ‘extra vigilant’ around deer rutting season.

The charity says many photos have emerged of visitors feeding, crowding and petting wild deer.

Their official advice is to stay at least 50 metres away from the deer, keep dogs on leads, don’t feed or touch deer and don’t get in between two rutting male deer.

Park manager Simon Richards added: ‘They are in no mood for dogs spooking their hinds or humans getting in their face for a selfie.’

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