Dr Shola launches furious rant as she blast King Charles’ record

King Charles 'made Princess Diana miserable' says Dr Shola

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During a phone-in from a caller named Tracey, a furious Dr Shola Mos-Shogbamimu claimed that King Charles lacked the courage to “stand up to his parents” and marry the woman he loved and instead, made the woman he did marry, a then-20-year-old Diana, “miserable”. Dr Shola questioned His Majesty’s ability to serve as she challenged his character while discussing his extra-marital affair.

On Wednesday’s show, Jeremy Vine asked caller Tracey if the upcoming series of The Crown is “going to damage Charles”.

Speaking on a call, Tracey claimed that the previous series, series four, damaged him “really bad”.

The series, which began to unveil tensions between Charles and his former wife, is preparing to release its fifth series later this year.

Tracey said Charles came across as “not caring” and having a “couldn’t care less” attitude towards Diana.

Speaking about the recent events, following the Queen’s death, Tracey noted that “you could see how upset he was”.

Interrupting the caller, Dr Shola stated that “of course he’s going to express [sad emotions]” at the funeral as “it’s his mother”.

She added: “His relationship with his mother is very different from his relationship with his wife.

“What King Charles demonstrated, during his marriage to Princess Diana, was that he lacked the b**ls to stand up to his parents to marry the woman he loved.

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“Instead, what he did, was to make the woman he married miserable”.

Charles married Diana in 1981, just nine months after entering a relationship with her and a little over a year before their first son, Prince William, was born.

At the time of the royal wedding, Diana was just 20 and Charles was 32.

During an interview in 1995, Diana famously said, referring to Charles’ affair, that “there were three of us in this marriage”, adding that “it was a bit crowded”.


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According to People, Charles and Camilla began having an affair in 1986, despite both being married to other people.

They had previously been entangled in a romantic relationship but broke it off when the then-Prince of Wales embarked on an eight-month assignment with the Royal Navy.

Eight years after Diana’s tragic death, and nine years after their divorce was finalised, Charles married Camilla married in a civil ceremony at Windsor Guildhall, on 9 April 2005.

The pair pursued a strenuous strategy to improve Camilla’s image which was later rewarded with the Queen announcing eight months before her death she had given her daughter-in-law her blessing to take on the Queen Consort title upon Charles’s accession.


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