Dramatic 999 call reveals moment girl, 7, saved mum's life by counting breaths

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A young girl’s quick thinking is being credited with saving her mum’s life when she fell down the stairs.

Neve Holford, seven, dialled 999 the moment she realised her mum Becky had fallen unconscious.

A dramatic recording has been released of the moment Neve saved her life.

She told the operator: ‘She is breathing but she just won’t wake up. She is lying on her side. I heard a big bang and she fell down the stairs.’

Neve then counted Becky’s breaths while giving paramedics the address for their home in Eccleshall, Staffordshire.

Becky, 34, who has two other children, recalled what happened: ‘I can’t remember falling, the first thing I knew was waking up and a paramedic was in my hallway.

‘I burst into tears when they told me how the children had reacted. My kids are amazing, their actions saved my life and I can’t tell you how proud I am of them.’

Her son Billy, five, also got Becky a blanket and remained calm while supporting his sister.

Quick-thinking Neve confirmed her mum wasn’t bleeding and even told the operator Becky was diabetic, how old she was and that she had allergies.

She said: ‘I need help for my mummy, she needs help, she’s not awake.

‘My mummy has fallen and I can’t wake her up.’

She had managed to get Becky’s phone and unlock it in order to call 999. She even called her mum’s friend and a neighbour.

The operator called the children ‘superstars’ and reassured them help was on way – with a paramedic arriving less than eight minutes after Neve called for help.

CCTV footage showed the children running outside their home to tell the paramedics where their mum had fallen.

Becky added: ‘She listened to exactly what the operator said and she was able to count my breaths.

‘She knew our address but was unsure of the postcode and even knew to tell the crew that she knew I was allergic to a medicine, but she wasn’t sure of the name.

‘It was vital information which meant they could get to us quickly and knew how to treat me.

‘Billy was obviously scared but he is such a caring little boy, he fetched a blanket and did everything his big sister told him.’

Becky’s husband Neil, 31, was at work and their eldest daughter Faye, 14, was out with friends when the accident happened.

‘I don’t know how long I would have been there if they didn’t know what to do,’ Becky added.

It is thought the stay-at-home mum was suffering from an ear infection which may have caused her to lose her balance at the top of the stairs.

Becky suffers from long term back problems and has had four operations on her back in the last two years.

Although she is bruised and sore, she said she was able to return home from hospital that night.

Becky said: ‘The fall has caused my back problems to flare up, I have to walk with a stick and currently can’t drive as I have slipped a disc in my back but everyone has been very supportive.

‘The neighbours have been checking up on me and my eldest daughter Faye and Neil have both been brilliant looking after me and the kids.

‘We took them to the beach to show them how grateful we are and I am telling everyone who will listen how amazing they were.’

The children have now been nominated for a commendation award from West Midlands Ambulance Service.

Becky now wants to raise awareness of the importance of teaching young children what to do in an emergency.

‘I have taught them from a young age who to call and what to do as I am diabetic,’ she said.

‘Kids are never to young to learn their address, how to call 999 and other important life skills.

‘There are lots of child friendly tips online to teach them the basics including an educational campaign called Little Lifesavers.’

You can find out more about Little Livesavers here.

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