‘Drifting’ Prince Harry to be ‘disappointed’ as excitement of royal exit fades – expert

Royal family 'need to plug finances to cover deficit' says expert

Astrology analyst Debby Frank has set out to predict how many prominent members of the Royal Family are due to feel this year following a rough 2020. The royals struggled with the separation of the Covid-19 pandemic as well as Harry and wife Meghan Markle’s high-profile exit from the royal institution.

Regarding Prince Harry, Ms Frank, writing in Hello! magazine, said the Duke is now free “from the rigid protocols” of his former royal life.

However, she added: “Although it gives him space, he is likely to feel disappointed at times, without that clear cut definition of his identity whilst he finds his feet.”

Ms Frank added there may be a period of “drifting” for the Duke as the “excitement” of stepping down with Meghan last March eases off.

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The astrologer also made a prediction for Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, claiming she will be “surprising us all” from the month of May onwards, though she did not clarify how.

Both Meghan and Harry are set for big plans this year due to a number of prominent contracts they signed in 2020.

Among them is a deal with video streaming service Netflix, for which the two are set to produce content including documentaries.

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There is also a deal with music streaming platform Spotify to produce podcasts.

The couple released the first episode last month, which featured high-profile celebrities including TV personality James Corden and author Matt Haig.

In addition, the couple were also reported to have signed with the Harry Walker speaking agency, which could provide potentially lucrative public speaking opportunities throughout the year.

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Meghan is also due to face down the Mail on Sunday newspaper in a legal trial that has been postponed until this coming autumn.

While the year is set to be busy for the two Sussexes, other royals may also be in for a radical year, Ms Frank predicts.

Using the movements of the stars and planets, she anticipates Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, is “not exempt from experiencing the astrological mid-life crisis”.

The astrologer claimed this could cause the Duke to “re-evaluate” his values, though he will still be “striking a chord with the public”.

Meanwhile William’s wife Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, will face one of her “most demanding years yet,” Ms Frank said.

She claimed this was because her Venus and Mercury are “in the eye of a perfect celestial storm”, though she did not elaborate on what this means.

Harry and Meghan currently reside in the Californian region of Santa Barbara.

The two Sussexes relocated there from Los Angeles last year having moved to the US.

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