Driver’s life turned ‘upside down’ after she ran over elderly cyclist

Partially-sighted pedestrian convicted of manslaughter after cyclist killed

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A driver says her life has been destroyed after she hit and killed an elderly cyclist who was forced off the pavement by a pedestrian. Mum-of-two Carla Money says her marriage has broken down because of what happened, she has post-traumatic stress disorder, and her children “lost their mum”.

She was driving her VW Passat in October 2020 through Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire, when she hit 77-year-old Celia Ward.

Yesterday, Auriol Grey was sentenced to three years in jail at Peterborough Crown Court for manslaughter after she gestured towards Ms Ward in a “hostile and aggressive way” before the cyclist fell into the path of Ms Money’s car.

Video footage captured the moment Grey shouted at Ms Ward to “get off the f****** pavement”.

Ms Money told the court that her “whole life had been turned upside down” and the crash destroyed her marriage and she is struggling to cope with PTSD.

The 33-year-old said: “Not only did you [Ms Grey] knock my confidence but a piece of me was lost.

“A small piece of the Carla everyone knew went that day.

“I no longer have a happy-go-lucky personality. I couldn’t face speaking to people.

“Because of your selfish actions my children suffered, they lost their mum.”

“Mummy didn’t want to be around them or play with them. I struggled to get out of bed and was snappy.

“My relationship has collapsed with my husband so much we are getting divorced. My children aged seven and four now have to deal with separated parents.”

The court heard that 49-year-old Grey and Ms Ward passed each other on the path in opposite directions with the prosecution claiming Grey was “angered by the presence of a cyclist on a footpath”.

Ms Ward died at the scene after Ms Money’s vehicle had no chance of stopping or taking avoiding action.

Grey, who has cerebral palsy, left the scene prior to emergency services arriving and carried on to buy groceries at Sainsbury’s.

Mail Online reports Grey is also partially blind and suffers from cognitive issues.

She was reportedly expecting to get a suspended sentence and her legal team will appeal.

Sentencing Grey yesterday, Judge Sean Enright said she was “territorial about the pavement” and resented the cyclist being there. The court heard about Grey’s health issues.

However, Judge Enright said: “These actions are not explained by disability.”

He admonished her for her dishonest account in a police interview and said there had not been a word about remorse “until today”.

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Meanwhile, Ms Ward’s husband and daughter remain grieving after the loss of their wife and mother.

David, Ms Ward’s husband said in his victim impact statement that “rarely a day goes by without thinking of her”.

Ms Ward’s daughter, Gillian Hayter, said: “The lack of any remorse from the accused cannot be underestimated in having a profound effect on us all. The panic and disbelief and shock of losing her in such an awful accident was hard to comprehend.

“But the news that it was not a tragic accident but a deliberate act of violence was incomprehensible. Mum is the least violent person.

“We have not had a chance to properly grieve, and the court case has been a constant reminder to us that mum is no longer here.”

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