Dublin Fire Brigade issues warning over Christmas trees in homes

Dublin Fire Brigade (DFB) has issued a warning over Christmas trees in homes this festive season.

A spokesperson said that while Christmas trees add to the festivities, they can create serious fire concerns as a blaze started by faulty Christmas tree lights can destroy a room in under a minute.

“Fairy lights are an essential part of any tree but we recommend you choose LED lights over the incandescent type. LEDs are more energy efficient and produce less heat. You should also always check your lights for loose connections, broken bulbs or frayed wires before you put up your tree. “

The spokesperson also urged homeowners to unplug trees when they leave the house or go to bed and to ensure trees carry a European CE Safety mark.

They added that real trees should be watered to prevent them from drying out, as a watered tree will not burn as quick as a dry tree.

“Also make sure to take care with decorations around the rest of your home that tinsel, stuffed toys, cards etc are not placed anywhere that they could catch fire.”

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