Eagled-eyed royal fans spot hidden symbol in Charles’s new coins

President Zelensky and King Charles arrive at Buckingham Palace

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The new 50p coin depicting King Charles III seems to feature a hidden symbol, as spotted by a coin collectible company. The coins entered circulation at the end of last year as British currency is set to change following the death of Queen Elizabeth II last September.

A total of 9.6 million new coins will eventually enter circulation, with 4.9 million of them being released across 9,452 Post Office branches last December.

The coins featuring the late Queen will still remain legal tender.

The Britannia Coin Company, who buy and sell collectible coins, spotted an image of a bird hidden away in the new 50p in front of the King’s ear.

The Royal Mint have issued a number of coins over the years featuring surprising hidden details or quirky designs.

In 2017 a £1 coin with the Queen Elizabeth design was released with new security features designed to prevent cloning, such as an invisible binary code printed directly onto Her Majesty’s face.

It can only be detected by the Royal Mint’s counterfeit coin machines.

Another animal can be seen in the Scottish £5 notes printed in 2016, but only if they are examined very closely.

A tiny midge, an infamous insect known for plaguing the Scottish countryside and the Highlands in the summer months, can be spotted on the note.

In 2008 new coins designed by Matthew Dent were released by the Royal Mint which create a royal shield of arms when arranged together in a certain way.

Parts of the shield can be seen on some UK 1ps, 2ps, 5ps, 10ps, 20ps and 50ps.

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Jon White, Director of, commented: “Once you’ve seen the bird on King Charles’ ear, you’ll zero-in on it every time you see one of his coins and I suspect you’ll never un-see it!

“I have no idea if Martin Jennings, the artist, intended to include this hidden image. If he did, I think it is a clever and fitting acknowledgement of His Majesty’s passion for wildlife and that he’s listening to the plights our natural world faces.

“These new coins already have collectors talking, thanks to the King’s choice to be shown without a crown. Supposedly, he wanted to keep the design simple and without extra embellishment.

“Lots of these Charles III coins are already in circulation but they’ll become more common as more are released, meaning everyone will get the chance to spot the secret bird detail for themselves.”

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