Elle Edward’s killer grins behind bars after being jailed for 48 years

Gangland killer Connor Chapman grins in his cell on a picture taken on a smuggled phone just weeks into his life term for killing Elle Edwards.

Last night the beautician’s dad Tim said Chapman was a “scumbag” and the image was “a photograph of a coward”.

Chapman, 23, was jailed for at least 48 years for shooting Elle on Christmas Eve.

In the snap on Instagram, he is peering out of a cell window and making a gang gesture.The caption reads: “Judge frew [sic] a 48 at him still got smile on his face” and “love ye brudda” followed by three heart emojis.

Drug dealer Chapman had lurked outside a pub in Wallasey, Merseyside, before firing 12 bullets from a sub-machine gun – targeting two men linked to a rival gang.

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But two hit innocent Elle, 26, in the head, killing her.

The snap is believed to have been posted by another gun thug, who cannot be named for legal reasons. Chapman has hidden illegal mobiles from warders previously.

While on remand last year, he recorded a rap video with threats to attack his rivals and “leave your soul on the pavement”.

The Ministry of Justice said it put £100million into airport-style security for prisons which has blocked more than 20,000 attempts to smuggle in contraband.

A Prison Service spokesman said: “We are investigating this incident and urgently working to have these images taken down. We will always push for the toughest punishments for those who break the rules, including additional time behind bars.”

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