Employee hits back after boss complains about her ‘bum showing’

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A woman was left furious after her boss complained about her “bum showing” in an “inappropriate” outfit at her workplace. The employee claimed she had worn the exact same outfit previously without any issues. Gisell Thanh’s outfit consisted of a simple pair of black trouser-like leggings and a cropped blue jumper.

The healthcare worker took to TikTok to explain the ordeal.

She claimed her boss told her the uniform was unfit for work and said that she was showing too much of her “backside”, reports the Daily Star.

The jumper covered her midriff, and the leggings appeared not to be see-through or inappropriate for a working environment.

Giselle even claims she had worn it before with no issues.

In the video, which has surpassed 1,900 views, @your_em_ wrote: “My boss called me into her office saying a manager made a complaint about my work attire.

“Apparently, my backside is showing too much, and it’s inappropriate.”

Giselle added: “Leggings are allowed at my job, but I was asked to change my leggings today.”

Most viewers took to the comments to defend her after she showed off the outfit.

One person said: “Sounds like somebody’s jealous.”

Another, with a similar experience, wrote: “This happened to me too at my job, and my manager claimed that me and my friend got a lot of “attention” from men, so unfair.”

A third commented: “Want a new job?”

But one user did agree with her boss as they took to the comments branding it “totally inappropriate”.

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