Epidemiologist unveils terrifying reason Omicron could RUIN Christmas despite being ‘mild’

Omicron: MP on ‘alarming’ evidence from Denmark on children

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Epidemiologist Eric Feigl-Ding compared comments the mutant variant is more forgiving than others to attempt to downplay coronavirus at the start of the pandemic when some said it was just the flu. In Twitter comments, he said that you cannot chase an exponential virus with a Government rollout of boosters alone.

He added that more action is needed immediately to stop the exponential growth as Omicron doubles in the UK every 1.7 days and that Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s booster-only plan cannot stop it fast enough.

Dr Feigl-Ding tweeted: “Exponential surge in cases is what will kill more people in the end.

“And while boosters work against Omicron, the rollout of boosters won’t be able to keep up with the exponential rise. We need to do more ASAP.”

He explained that anyone touting the idea Omicron is milder – which he says has not been proven – does not understand epidemiology and exponential maths.

The Senior Fellow at the Federation of American Scientists in Washington DC said that even if Omicron is a tenth deadlier, but only twice as contagious more people will die even with the 1/10th milder virus – though he warned the variant could be four to six times more spreadable.

And he warned: “Folks who call Omicron ‘nature’s vaccine’ need to stop the public endangerment.”

Dr Feigl-Ding added that a mild but faster virus will often kill and harm more people than a virus that is slower and more severe even if twice as transmissible and a tenth less deadly.

A public health advocate, Dr Feigl-Ding’s work focuses on analysing Covid trends, stopping COVID-19 misinformation and improving health policy.


He was recognized in the media as one of the first to alert the public on the pandemic risk of the virus in January 2020.

From his analysis of the data, he warned that Omicron in Scotland has “critically” surged to 13.3 percent cases up from 6.8 percent in just one day based on PCR testing and suspected cases.

He tweeted that at this alarming rate of climb and displacing Delta it will be near 100 percent before Christmas.

The comments come as a Moderna chief warned that a deadly new super-variant of coronavirus could be on its way if the Omicron and Delta mutant strains infect someone at the same time.

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While a COVID-19 infection typically only involves a single mutant strain, in rare cases two, which are likely to be from different sources, have the potential to infect someone at the same time.

If the variants were to infect the same cell, they might be able to exchange DNA and form a brand-new version of the virus.

Dr Paul Burton, Moderna’s chief medical officer, warned that the soaring numbers of Delta and Omicron cases currently circulating in the UK makes this chilling scenario more likely.

Speaking to the Science and Technology Committee, he said it was “certainly” possible for this process to occur and that it might result in a deadly variant that poses a greater risk than other mutant strains.

Experts have warned such events, given the name “recombination events”, can occur, but would require particularly specific conditions and the coincidence of largely uncontrollable events.

To date, only three COVID-19 strains created by viruses swapping genes have been recorded.

Liberal Democrat MP Layla Moran said on Tuesday that there was a “worrying” suggestion Omicron may be worse for children than the Delta variant.

She told the House of Commons: “It takes tiny amounts of percentages of children getting sick for them to start following through into hospital admissions.”

“These are children who are unvaccinated, they have no protection at all.”

She urged the Government to issue its plan to safeguard them.

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