Esther McVey rejects calls to drop out with KEY promise to public sector workers

Leave supporter Esther McVey emphasised that she was standing to become the leader of the Tory party to represent a different “cohort” of people. She revealed that other Tory candidates had called her to ask her to drop out of the race and support their bid for leadership of the party instead. Mrs McVey noted that she had rejected these offers as her policies were different from any other candidates and would increase pay for public sector workers for their work over the last few years.

John Pienaar, the Pienaar Politics host, questioned the Tory MP and said: “How often in an average hour to this nearest 50 or so, does your phone ring from the camps of the more fancy candidates trying to get you to endorse them and drop out.”

The Tory MP responded: “Well, to be fair they probably know I’m standing so my phone less often.

“But yes people have asked whether I would come and join them.

“I’ve said no, I am standing in my own right because I want to represent a different cohort of people.

“The policies I am putting forward are completely different from them.

“Today I have announced a pay guarantee for public sector workers, those that are on £50,000 or less.

“Why? Because they have had their pay curbed for a long period of time.

“We all sort of put our shoulders to the wheel and tightened up around 2010 to 2015, in our manifesto we said we are going to finish off the job.

“Now it is 2019 and we have to say, you have done a lot, all of you public sector workers, you have really helped clean up the Labour economic mess.

“We now have to thank you and give you an average earning pay body of which only 45 percent have.”

Mrs McvVey has publicly argued that she would be willing to take the UK out on a no deal Brexit in the event nothing changes between now and October 31.

This has increased her popularity with Brexiteers despite Boris Johnson and Dominic Raab being the favoured votes for Leave supporters.

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