EuroMillions May 6: Winning numbers for tonight’s £198million jackpot – are you a winner?

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Lottery players have had a bumper first week of May, set up on Wednesday by a £4m bumper rollover. The May 6 EuroMillions draw concludes the week with a jackpot worth 42 times that amount. People are in with a chance of claiming up to £168m and several runner-up prizes tonight.

What are the EuroMillions winning numbers for May 6?

EuroMillions draws typically award significant sums, with many in the eight-figure range.

Nine-figure jackpots are rarer, and tonight’s £168m prize will attract legions of players.

They only have a few hours left to secure a ticket before the results this evening.

EuroMillions will stop selling tickets by around 8pm tonight, ahead of the final draw.

The draw itself should follow nearly an hour later, by 8.40pm, and will post them here.

Players will need to match five “main” numbers and two lucky stars to win the jackpot.

But those who miss out on the top prize are still in with a chance to become a runner-up.

EuroMillions this week has guaranteed another 13 prizes and a “Millionaire Maker” for players.

The runner-up prizes include:

  • Five numbers and one Lucky Star: £130,554.30
  • Five numbers: £13,561.20
  • Four numbers and two Lucky Stars: £844.70
  • Four numbers and one Lucky Star: £77.80
  • Three numbers and two Lucky Stars: £37.30
  • Four numbers: £25.60
  • Two numbers and two Lucky Stars: £9.10
  • Three numbers and one Lucky Star: £7.30
  • Three numbers: £6.00
  • One number and two Lucky Stars: £4.30
  • Two numbers and one Lucky Star: £3.60
  • Two numbers: £2.50
  • Millionaire Maker code: £1 million

When is the next lottery draw?

Those who miss out on the jackpot or other prizes will always have another shot.

The National Lottery runs four different draws every week on alternating days.

They include the EuroMillions, Thunderball, Lotto and Set For Life draws.

EuroMillions: Every Tuesday and Friday around 8pm

Thunderball: Every Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday around 8pm

Lotto: Wednesday and Saturday around 7.45pm

Set For Life: Monday and Thursday evenings

While these draws run on allotted timetables, the prize amounts always differ.

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