EuroMillions results LIVE: Tuesday’s winning numbers for £34m jackpot draw on February 22

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EuroMillions draws come around twice a week, with both Brits and Europeans handed the chance to become a multi-millionaire. There’s a huge £34million jackpot for tonight’s draw, but there’s still the chance to win lesser prizes if you’ve got at least two of the main numbers.

EuroMillions draws take place every Tuesday and Friday evenings.

The competition closes at around 7.30pm, with the results announced shortly after.

There are 13 different categories of prizes, ranging from just £2.50 to the full jackpot.

The prize you win depends on how many numbers you’ve matched in the draw, as well as whether anybody else has the same numbers as you.

Ticket holders could claim the following prizes:

  • Five main numbers and two lucky stars: £34m jackpot
  • Five main numbers and one lucky star: £130,554.30
  • Five main numbers: £13,561.20
  • Four main numbers and two lucky stars: £844.70
  • Four main numbers and one lucky star: £77.80
  • Three main numbers and one lucky star: £37.30
  • Four main numbers: £25.60
  • Two main numbers and two lucky stars: £9.10
  • Three main numbers and one lucky star: £7.30
  • Three main numbers: £6.00
  • One main number and two lucky stars: £4.30
  • Two main numbers and one lucky star: £3.60
  • Two main numbers: £2.50

Each ticket bought also comes with a free entry for the UK Millionaire Maker.

If you buy a EuroMillions ticket, you’ll also be given a code at no extra cost.

If your code matches the numbers drawn, you’ll win a guaranteed prize of £1m.

What are tonight’s EuroMillions winning numbers?

Tonight’s EuroMillions draw is yet to be completed. will update this article when the winning numbers have been confirmed.

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What are the odds of winning the EuroMillions jackpot?

Due to the massive jackpot, the number of entrances is also very high.

That means just one person in every 139,838,160 will win the top prize in any given EuroMillions draw.

But you’re more likely to win one of the lesser prizes, as you’ll need fewer matches.

To win the second prize, of more than £130,500, the odds are one in 6,991,908.

But, there aren’t fixed odds for the UK Millionaire Maker, however.

The odds are entirely dependent on how many people buy tickets, seeing as everyone receives one entry when they buy a EuroMillions ticket.

The National Lottery said: “Unlike in the main EuroMillions draw where the odds for each prize tier are fixed, Millionaire Maker odds vary based on ticket sales.

“So, when fewer people play your odds of winning improve as there are fewer codes to choose from.”

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