EuroMillions results September 25 live: What are tonight’s winning EuroMillions numbers?

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EuroMillions is a lottery which, as its name suggests, is played throughout a variety of European countries. In order to win the full prize of a EuroMillions draw, players need to ensure they match seven correct numbers. First launches in 2004, the EuroMillions has grown into one of the most popular lotteries in the UK.

What are tonight’s winning EuroMillions numbers?

Draws for EuroMillions are held twice a week, on the night of Tuesdays and Fridays.

To participate in the EuroMillions draw, you can buy tickets either online or in store.

However, be warned that if you’re playing on a draw day, your ticket has to be bought before 7.30pm to be entered.

If your ticket is bought later than 7.30pm, the numbers will be entered into the following draw day instead.

Tonight’s EuroMillions results have not yet been released. will update this page as soon as the winning numbers are known.

In addition to the EuroMillions winning numbers, you should also look out for the winning MillionaireMaker code.

The code is usually published shortly after the numbers are released, and will be published here.

Since November 2009, at least one UK player has won a guaranteed £1million with the MillionaireMaker.

Prices per line in the UK increased by 50p to £2 in the same year.

The 50p was added due to weak exchange rates between the Pound and the Euro and to cover the expense of the new MillionaireMaker raffle.

On September 24, 2016, the price per line increased by an additional 50p, bringing it to £2.50.

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How do you play EuroMillions?

Start by choosing five numbers from one to 50 and two lucky stars from one to 12.

Try a Lucky Dip for randomly selected numbers if you don’t want to choose your own.

Choose to play on a Tuesday or Friday – or both – then the number of weeks you would like to play.

You can play up to seven lines of numbers and buy up to 10 play slips at any one time.

Tonight’s draw will see you win £119million if you score the jackpot by matching the five main numbers and the two Lucky Stars.

£130.5million will be awarded to anyone who matched five main numbers and one Lucky Star.

For five main numbers, you will win £13,561.

Anyone who matched the MillionaireMaker raffle code will be instantly made a millionaire.

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