EuroMillions winner rents Airbnb on £12m private estate

Euromillions: Adrian Bayford on realising he'd won in 2012

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A Euromillions winner who scooped a whopping £148 million jackpot more than a decade ago is pursuing a new venture to boost his fortune. Adrian Bayford has opened a three bed holiday home on his £12 million private estate which fetches £110 a night on Airbnb, reports claim. Mr Bayford won the UK’s second biggest ever lottery prize at the time, but now his latest money-maker has raised concerns. 

The construction of a three-bed farmhouse just 240 feet from his £12million mansion is set to earn him the same amount in interest from the £148 million EuroMillions prize he and his ex-wife won in 2012 in just 13 minutes, The Sun reports. 

However, the decision to open an Airbnb so close to his house has raised concerns among some of his friends who say Adrian may not realise the fortune he’s already got.

One of Adrian’s friends is questioning whether he knows how wealthy he “really” is. While they say “everyone knows” Adrian likes a “good money-spinner”, this is “mad”. 

The unnamed friend added: “He can make more money having a shower than letting this Airbnb.”

Friends have also been puzzled by his decision to allow outsiders to come so close to the grounds of his £12million estate.

They said: “Adrian is a really warm, generous and welcoming guy but he doesn’t need to have strangers staring at him.”

The Cambridgeshire Airbnb, described as being “tastefully decorated”, includes a modern kitchen/diner, cosy living room, downstairs WC, master bedroom, twin room, single room, and bathroom, according to the site’s description.

Adrian and his ex-wife revealed they were struggling to keep afloat before winning the prize. But the whirlwind cost their marriage. They divorced a year after earning the prize and Gillian moved back to Scotland with her share of the winnings, where she set up a property firm.

At the time, the mother-of-three regretted going public with her husband as it exposed her children. 

She said: “It will change their lives and not always for the best. They will find out who their friends are. It’s an eye-opener.”

Bayford stayed in the Grade 2-listed house, but after several unsuccessful relationships, he decided to sell it and relocate up north to be nearer to his kids.

He found himself forced to increase security around the vacant poverty on the 148-acre country estate after squatters used his swimming pool.

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Gillian, who became mum for the third time to lockdown baby Emilie admitted that being a multi-millionaire has its perks. 

She said: “I would say it’s made my life better. It’s not so much of a struggle and I do enjoy that. Being able to help loads of other people and give money to charity is nice. If I take a step back I can say there has been some good and bad.”

The couple to have won the largest ever sum ever at the National Lottery are Joe and Jess Thwaite who won a massive £184million EuroMillions jackpot last year. 

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