‘EUROSCEPTIC Labour voters but won’t vote Tory’ Farage outlines why UK NEEDS Brexit Party

Speaking at a campaign rally in Peterborough, the Brexit Party leader argued “millions” of Labour Leave voters will turn to his party in protest against Jeremy Corbyn. Nigel Farage claimed such voters could never turn to the Conservatives after years of support for the Labour Party but that his candidates will be the safe alternative ensuring Brexit is delivered for them.

He said: “Being eurosceptic is believing that we should not be part of the European Union, believing that we should not be dependent, believing that we should control our borders and have sensible immigration policies.

“These are not the preserve of centre-right Conservative voters.

“Millions of Labour voters believe in these things, perhaps even more strongly than those in the Conservative Party.

“And a large number of those Labour voters will vote for us, they’ll vote for the Brexit Party.

“They did in the European elections just a few months ago.

“Indeed, many of our higher scores came in strong traditional Labour areas.

“But these voters will never vote Conservative, they wouldn’t vote Conservative if you paid them.

“So the idea that a vote for the Brexit Party will put Corbyn into Downing Street is wrong.”

Mr Farage said Labour had betrayed their voters by backing a second referendum.

He said: “We want this country to be free and independent.

“We are going to fight like crazy in these Labour seats in England and Wales.”

“It’s easy to get a laugh in this country, just mention Diane Abbott,” he added.

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HE continued: “We have shifted the centre of gravity of this debate. We are in many ways close to getting something that resembles Brexit.”

The Brexit Party leader then said he planned to abolish the House of Lords and the current postal vote system.

“If you get the direction I’m heading in, it’s corrupt to its fingertips,” he said after making reference to “incentives” offered by the House of Commons.

Addressing postal votes after a question from a member of the audience, he said: “It is open to intimidation, it is open to fraud, we have seen all over the country.

“People need to give a reason for why they want a postal vote.”

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