Eurostar stops ALL London trains due to ‘Brexit protester’: Passengers told NOT to travel

The train company has confirmed all trains to and from the capital have been suspended on Saturday morning. A statement from the company reads: “We have suspended all services to and from London St Pancras until 09.45 this morning due to a trespasser on the tracks.” Passengers are advised not to travel from the station this morning and were advised to “cancel your journey or exchange ticket free of charge”.

Reports have stated how the delays have been caused by a suspected ‘Brexit protestor’. 

A man was pictured waving a St George’s Flag above lines near the central London station, leading to thousands of passengers across Europe and the UK being affected.

At 8.30am British Transport Police said a man, 44, had been arrested for trespassing and obstruction of the railway.

They said he was first spotted at 7pm on Friday evening, and “spent the night on the roof of St Pancras Railway Station”.

Police negotiators worked overnight to try and talk him down – but disruption is now exoected to last until midday.

A spokeswoman for the comapny said the trespasser was located near St Pancras Station, where all services from Europe arrive into London.

The man has also affected high speed domestic train services into St Pancras.

Earlier this monring, Southeastern said on Twitter : “High Speed trains will not run to and from St Pancras due to the ongoing trespass incident just outside the station.

“The person is above the High Speed lines and as such the overhead wires can not be recharged.”

A spokesman for National Rail said on Friday evening: “The trespasser just outside London St Pancras International is still on the railway viaduct that crosses the high speed lines just outside the station.

“Police negotiators have been on site over night trying to talk the trespasser down but as yet have been unable to.

“Unfortunately due to the overhead wires below the person, which have been isolated, Eurostar and High Speed trains to London St Pancras International are unable to run.”

Following the arrest of the protester, at 8.51am Eurostar tweeted: “The trespasser on the tracks outside of St Pancras has been apprehended and our services will be able to start to run in the area again soon.

“We would still recommend you not travel this morning and please cancel your journey or exchange ticket free.”

It comes as a further blow to passengers who reguarly use the svice, due to industrial action taking place all through March.

There has been a total of fifteen dervices affected through the month on the London to Paris Nord route.

There were a total of three cancellations per day on March 26, 27, 28 and 29. 

And today there is further chaos expected for travellers heading into London, with the company’s final strike of the month.

The 12.13 service from Paris Nord to London St Pancras is being affected by the previiusly planned industrial action.

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