EU’s £104 million fishing compromise REJECTED – we are ‘not your colony!’

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Readers were asked if they would have accepted the EU’s £104 million compromise on fishing rights that Prime Minister Boris Johnson immediately rejected. The total number of voters were 18,476. The poll ran from Saturday 28 November at 10.26 am until 9.50 pm on the same day.

A huge 95 percent of those who voted in the poll said they would reject such an offer.

A tiny minority of readers, five percent, said they would be in favour of accepting Mr Barnier proposal to get the Brexit deal across the line.

Of those who said they “don’t know” the result tallied at zero percent.

Those who said a definite No to the EU’s monetary offer numbered 17,515.

A small number of voters agreed to the offer, amounting to 859 people.

Only a marginal amount of people said they ‘don’t know’, these individuals numbered 102.

The EU has set out a plan for fishing that has enraged British fishermen.

It would see an increase of their catch quotas of between 15 and 18 percent for certain species.

This would come with an offer of £104 million from the EU that has been on the table for at least three weeks but has not budged the UK government from its negotiating position.

The Prime Minister’s spokesman said: “Our negotiating principle remains that we will become an independent coastal state and we will retain control of our fisheries.

“The talks will resume over the weekend on a face to face basis.

“We remain committed to seeking a free-trade agreement but that must fully respect UK sovereignty.

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“At this late stage, a deal is still possible and we are working to achieve one.

“We’ll continue to negotiate over the weekend to that end.”

One reader commented: “The EU STILL don’t get it, the UK is an independent nation, not an EU colony!”

Another said: “Their arrogance is breathtaking.

“I can hardly believe their utter stupidity.

“Offering to allow us part of that which we own.”

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