‘Everyone was runnning!’ Gateshead pub’s display goes awry as firework shots into crowd

Gateshead: Firework appears to shoot into a crowd

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Families were forced to flee after a firework was accidentally released into the crowd during a pub display. Footage from the event at the Poacher’s Pocket in Whickham shows people looking up as they enjoy the firework show. A woman in the crowd can be heard chatting happily before letting out a scream, with the camera suddenly pointing downwards to capture what appears to be a firework at the feed of the bystanders.

The woman, identified as Ruth Chandra North, told ChronicleLive: “It has shaken everybody there up but the fear we all felt when the fireworks came towards us was horrific.

“Everybody was running and screaming. Kids were crying.

“I was never a fan of fireworks and always being told my fear was irrational but tonight has made me more aware of how dangerous and scary these things can be.

“I am still shaken up – and even more terrified of fireworks now.”

The pub issued an apology for the accident shortly after, saying on Facebook: “We would like to give a huge apology for the events that happened last night at the fireworks display.

“This matter is now under full investigation with the actual event organiser.”

And on Friday, they announced the pub would shut down “until further notice” as they reiterated their apology.

The Poacher’s Pocket said: “We have taken the decision to close the pub until further notice.

Weather: BBC forecasts windy conditions for fireworks night

“We are both extremely sorry for what has happened and send our best wishes to the entire community.”

Some of the attendees also took to social media to comment on the fireworks mishap.

Kerry Judges said: “I get that things can happen and go wrong, but when fireworks are hitting people and having to run away with our kid because they’re screaming/scared and the fireworks are still getting set off is an absolute joke!

“It’s a shame because it was a lovely night before the fireworks were set off!”

Rachel Erwin wrote: “I really hope people look at the bigger picture, yes it did not go to plan and yes some people got hurt but Theresa and Ian organised an event for free.

“They got the right procedures in place including the council, police, and brewery! They “employed” a fire safety guy who has always done the fireworks display at the pub so why would they question that he didn’t know what he was doing?!

“My family and I love the pub it’s warm friendly and has fab staff! Accidents happen and I’m pleased no one was seriously hurt.”

And Jill McMeekin added: “I think they tried to put on a good event (only one in area and free I believe) for the local community and unfortunately fireworks went wrong and few people injured.

“This would have been frightening for all involved however I think some people tend to panic and then the whole crowd follow, I don’t think the pub needs to be slated on Facebook. It should be left to the proper authority to investigate.

“It did look to be a good event and I think the new owners are trying their best . Accidents happen especially around fireworks, hope this does not affect the future of the pub.”

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