Ex-cellmate of depraved triple child killer voices regret

Killamarsh murders: Damien Bendall arrested in 2021

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A former prison cellmate of Damien Bendall has voiced his regret for not doing enough to stop the man who would go on to kill his pregnant partner and three children. The guilt-ridden former inmate told the MailOnline that he hid Bendall’s highly-addictive drug habit from parole officers. He said: “If I had reported him he may never have met that poor family.”

The depraved quadruple killer received a whole-life order sentence on Wednesday and will now spend the rest of his life in jail.

He admitted to using a claw hammer to savagely kill 35-year-old Terri Harris, her 11-year-old daughter Lacey Bennett, her son John Paul Bennett, 13, and Lacey’s friend Connie Gent, 11.

The sick 32-year-old also admitted raping Lacey while she was lay dying during the attack in September last year at the home he shared with Ms Harris in Killamarsh, Derbyshire.

Chilling bodycam footage released by the police this week showed Bendall outside the Killamarsh house on the day of the attack, calmly telling two officers that they would find four bodies inside.

One former prison mate told the MailOnline that he now feels plagued by guilt for hiding the killer’s Spice habit during his time in prison.

He said that if he had reported Bendall’s prolific drug use, it may have impacted his parole status and stopped the murders from taking place.

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According to the former inmate, the depraved triple child killer became so addicted to spice that he could not walk properly.

The former prisoner said: “I was in prison with Damian Bendall in 2018. He had a huge drug problem even inside prison, obviously, drugs are readily available in prison.

“I remember one time he was hanging off my shoulder whilst high on Spice asking me to put him in his cell so the guards didn’t find him and increase his sentence.

“I wonder now if I had reported him would he ever have met this poor family.”

Bendall took cocaine and smoked cannabis before he went on the killing rampage last September, striking each victim in the head and upper body.

Probation officers are now facing mounting questions after a series of blunders meant the violent offender was classed as “medium risk,” instead of “high risk”.

He had been in the probation system for arson, robbery, attempted robbery, and grievous bodily harm convictions.


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Probation officials now believe it is unlikely that Bendall would have been free to carry out the murders if the pre-sentence report had “accurately reflected his risk”.

The probation officer who assessed him for his sentencing in the arson case has since been sacked, according to the Daily Telegraph.

The Ministry of Justice has since requested the chief inspector of probation carry out a full review of the case.

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