‘Excruciating watching’ Peston viewers slam Nadhim Zahawi over Boris apology defence

Nadhim Zahawi loses it at BBC host amidst constant interrupting

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Speaking on ITV’s Peston, the Education Secretary was asked to respond to claims by Tory MPs that the Prime Minister should resign. He said: “Well I think the Prime Minister did the right thing today to come to Parliament to apologise, to explain himself and his actions to the House, to say that he implicitly thought the events of the 20th of May 2020 were a gathering and he thought he would be motivating his team, you know No10 is a big department as you know.

“But – and this is the important piece of information in my view – he also made it clear that the perception somehow that the people making the rules were not abiding by the rules was something that he deeply regretted and with the benefit of hindsight he would have done things differently, he would have asked people to return to their desks, and I think that was the right thing to do.”

However, his statements did not go down well with the social media users as they refused to accept the reasoning shared by the 54-year-old British politician.

One Twitter user, Heatherbells, wrote: “Excruciating watching Nadhim Zahawi on Peston trying to defend the indefensible. Awful, just awful!”

Another user, The Morrisinator, tweeted: “Defending a law breaker, esp. one who made those laws, is never a good look.

“Defending a PM with so little political judgement that it took him 25 mins to recognise a party & 18 months to work out maybe he should have closed it down, is not a good look for a senior politician.”

Other users hailed Robert Peston, for the interview.

Helen Byrne on Twitter wrote: “I’m cringing watching this interview with Nadhim Zahawi. Embarassing. Good on you Robert Peston for pressing him.

“I really honestly feel that Boris Johnson should have been answering these questions though not Nadhim Zahawi. The Conservative party are a disgrace.”

Mr Johnson issued a public apology on Wednesday and accepted that he went to a drinks party in the garden of No 10 when the country was under strict lockdown measures.

The Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer called for Johnson’s resignation for misleading parliament by previously denying knowledge of any parties at Downing Street during lockdown

Another user Bobsnow wrote: “Almost everyone’s home has been a workplace for the past two years, nothing unique about No 10 at all.

“Are you saying we could have all had boozy do’s in our gardens during lockdown just because our laptop was still open in the living room? Shameful and beneath you Nadhim.”

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A Twitter user, Phillip Murray, wrote: “It’s beyond credulity that they seem to think framing it as ‘oh, but it was a home/workplace as well’ is some sort of defence.

“It could be a house, workplace, a palace, a long lost city, or the surface of the moon… & it would still have broken the law. All noise, nothing more.”

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