‘Extortionate’ Uproar after man forks out £11 for tiny portion of eggs and beans on toast

DUP MP criticises EU for stringent regulations in Northern Ireland

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The diner was taken aback when the bill arrived showing the grand sum of €12.95 (£10.81) for his breakfast in the Irish capital over the New Year. Posting a picture of the dish on Reddit, he asked: “What’s happening with prices in Dublin? Just paid 12 Euro for this!?”

The image shows a small fried egg on a smattering of beans dished up on a single slice of toast with a few herbs scattered on top and a swirl of sauce.

He explained that he did not expect the breakfast to be so small, adding that he thought at least two eggs would have been served.

There were mixed reactions to his post, with some people saying it was his own fault for paying the price while others said such prices are the norm.

One said: “More fool you for buying that sh**e.”

A second commented: “Was just gonna say, someone pays that price, so they charge it. Witchcraft!”

And a third said: “When you saw a fried egg on toast for €12 on the menu and you ordered it, what were you expecting?”

Another added: “Seriously like. ‘Beans (not very many) on toast (one slice, oh, and it’s artisan s, so it’s much smaller than a slice of Pat’s), with a fried egg. AVEC PARSLEY.’ 13 quid.”

A fifth person said: “You probably passed 10 reasonably priced restaurants before choosing this pretentious cafe.”


Other people totted up the savings that could be made if the man had bought the raw ingredients himself.

One said: “Jaysus, wouldn’t cost that much for a full loaf a full tin of beans and a dozen eggs.”

A second explained that three to four people could eat a full Irish for the same price.

Another said: “It would cost less than 5 quid for what you mentioned. This is why the restaurant industry is failing.

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“They buy the same stuff we do from the same stores also and sell it for extortionate prices as hipster food. We’re the saps for buying into it.”

However, one person defended the price and said it would cost a similar amount in other cities in Europe.

They said: “Perfect presentation. Great ware on a nice table, sitting in a nice warm restaurant.

“You wouldn’t be long getting to 12.95 for a delicious meal like that in any capital in Europe these days.”

A UK study revealed in June that The Oval restaurant in London offered the most sumptuous breakfast menu in the country with a pastry or toast costing £15.00.

Its priciest dish was a lavish Scottish lobster omelette priced at £30.00.

The most expensive breakfast item, the Magnet study found, was an egg dish which would set diners back £74.38.

This deluxe dish of scrambled eggs en brioche with Oscietra caviar was on the menu at The Foyer restaurant at Claridge’s hotel in London.

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