‘False information’ – expert slams Johnson over ‘unboosted’ intensive care claims

Covid: Jamie Jenkins slams Boris Johnson

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Jamie Jenkins has slammed Prime Minister Boris Johnson for spreading unfounded information. On Wednesday Johnson revealed that nine out of 10 patients had not had their booster jab but Mr Jenkins, who is a former ONS head of health analysis, refuted the theory. He branded Mr Johnson’s statement misleading as “false” saying that overweight people, whether they are boosted or not, are instead the ones filling up the majority of beds in intensive care units.

Mr Jenkins said: “The ministers are going out making claims and politicians are going out making claims which are false.

“Ironically you actually find that people who are severely obese are way over-represented in intensive cares. It’s not just your vaccination status.”

It was then talkRADIO host Nick de Bois’ turn to take a swipe at ministers for pushing up the numbers of unboosted people that have presumably fallen ill to COVID-19.

He stressed that their assumptions are based on reports from a few hospitals they visited as not every health centre in the country is taken into the equation.


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He said: “Two days ago the Prime Minister came out and made this statement and he was relating to those who have not had the booster.

“How is it even possible for that data to be even available because it then dribbled out that they were just talking about a few hospitals they visited.

“I think that is a gross misinterpretation of the national picture.

“It gave the implication that this was right across the country but it was actually a few hospitals!”

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Mr Jenkins blasted a similar deceptive report he stumbled on in a newspaper a couple of months ago.

He said: “A few weeks there was an article on the front page in the Sunday Times saying that 90 percent of patients in hospitals, in intensive care units were unvaccinated.

“At the time I was questioning the numbers.

“Let me explain where that number comes from.

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“These were patients who needed the most extreme kind of care.

“And it was a 154 patients from July through to November, you are talking of a huge period of time.

“And 141 of those 154 patients were unvaccinated, that’s where that 90 percent of numbers started from.

“Over the same period of time, a 100,000 people were admitted to hospitals with Covid to the NHS.

“So you’re talking about 0.14 percent of all those patients who went into hospital. And then you start coming out with this claim at the front of a national newspaper.

“At over the same period time there were 4.2 million cases.

“The headline itself was very kind of selective in what the data was picking out.”

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