Family furious at £5.50 parking fees as their FIVE cars won’t fit on drive

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Angela Hammond told HampshireLive that the council will not give her daughter a parking permit to park on the street, as they already have a driveway that fits three cars. As well as their driveway space, Ms Hammond was able to secure an on-street disabled bay for her father, meaning only one car is being charged as of March 2020.

The family includes six adults who drive – Ms Hammond and her husband, her two daughters and her two elderly parents.

She told the local newspaper that she had “reached the point now where I’m quite tempted to park the car outside the house and keep getting tickets until they pay attention.”

Prior to the introduction of parking permits, Ms Hammond said it was only difficult to find a parking space on St Georges Road during football matches.

She said: “We didn’t really have any issues with street parking before the permits were introduced, the only time was maybe on a Saturday when the football was on.

“You might not have been able to park outside your front door, but you could park within a close vicinity but now we can’t park anywhere and we’re having to pay out parking tickets.”

Because of their off-street parking, the family are unable to buy an annual permit off of Rushmoor Borough Council.

It means one of their cars is having to make use of nearby Aldershot Railway Station car park, which costs £5.50 for the whole day, and is free after 5pm.

The family has taken to using visitor parking permits as well – of which the council allows a household to by 204 of each year.

Every twelve tickets cost £15, meaning the family spends £255 a year on visitor permits.

However, this has caused a new headache for Ms Hammond, who said: “Once you’ve bought your limit for the year, you can’t buy anymore which means you’re not allowed visitors [by car].

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“So on Christmas Day, my family won’t be able to visit because we will have no visitor permits left.

“I have asked the council on numerous occasions if we can buy an annual permit, which I am more than happy to do, but they’ve said no.”

An annual parking permit from Rushmoor Borough Council costs just £50 and, if available, £75 for a second permit.

Councillor Maurice Sheehan, Rushmoor Borough Council’s cabinet member for operational services, explained that households with off-road parking cannot purchase parking permits under council policy.

He added: “These conditions apply to all our permit schemes in Rushmoor, irrespective of the number of vehicles at a property.

“Residents can buy up to 204 visitor parking sessions over a 12-month period. The purpose of the scheme is to help residents’ visitors park.

“They shouldn’t be used to obtain permits for additional vehicles for a household, which some residents were doing when using the previous system.

“This caused real difficulties for other residents who rely on parking in the road because they do not have any off-street parking.”

Aldershot not only has a railway station with step-free access located opposite St Georges Road, it also has a local bus network.

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