Family heartbroken after their dog dies from suspected heart attack…

Fireworks: How to keep your dog relaxed on bonfire night

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A family have been left devastated after their beloved dog died from a suspected heart attack due to firework noise. Kayleigh Coates, 37, rescued Tiger, a retired racing greyhound, during lockdown. The family became besotted with the new addition to their family but tragically, Tiger passed away on November 5, 2021, from a heart attack after firework displays were held during the annual event.

Ms Coates had attempted to keep Tiger and her other greyhound, Bo, calm on Bonfire Night last year. 

The mother-of-two, from Telford, Shropshire, ensured all the windows and curtains were shut and kept the TV on loud in an attempt to drain out the background noise from outside.

Ms Coates even put a radio special on that was designed to help calm pets up and down the country. 

But sadly, after getting up to check on her beloved pet, Ms Coates found Tiger laying on his side and not breathing after suffering a heart attack in his home.

Speaking to, Ms Coates explained: “On the night he died, I was on my own as the girls were out with their dad.

“My girl Bo was not bothered by the fireworks but Tiger was severely petrified. 

“I did all I could to keep them calm – the windows and doors were locked, the curtains were closed, Classic FM was on loud with a special pet broadcast and I had the TV on. 

“But nothing helped my boy – he was panting and off his food and wouldn’t settle.

“I was watching TV when he went quiet behind the sofa so I thought he had settled.

“I took a phone call from a family member who was checking on me and the dogs. I got up to check him and he was flat on his side not breathing. He had gone quiet and just slipped away.”

Ms Coates is now calling for a ban on small, back garden displays with more regulations on who is able to buy fireworks. 

The family have been left “heartbroken” following Tiger’s death and want to warn other pet owners of the dangers of fireworks.

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Ms Coates added: “I don’t believe that fireworks should be banned but the massive ones should be kept for large displays and not sold for small household displays as it’s not fair on the animals. 

“I truly believe that if the loud ones weren’t so freely sold then my Tiger boy would still be here today and any other animals who were killed due to firework bangs. Tiger’s death left a huge hole in our hearts. My daughter, now 10, blamed herself and wishes she’d been here but nothing could have prevented his death other than no fireworks.”

Hundreds of firework displays are expected to be held in the coming week, with Bonfire Night falling on Saturday. 

The RSPCA has offered guidance for pet owners on how to calm them during the night, with some radio stations broadcasting special pet shows. 

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