Family return from holiday to find fire has killed their cat

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An investigation by firefighters found the fire was caused by the Beaumont’s tumble dryer.

Jade was later told Charlie died in her sleep from smoke inhalation and did not suffer in the fire.

Jade told YorkshireLive: “We have come back to no home, just the shell of the house. Absolutely everything we owned and the home we built is gone.

“You never think it’s going to happen to you. I can’t describe how devastated we are.”

Jade added: “I didn’t hear the smoke alarm until I got to the front door, so there was no chance the neighbours would hear.

“It was bizarre, there was no signs from the outside, the first thing I noticed was the blinds were melted and I completely broke down not even knowing yet how severe the damage was.”

Jade added she wanted to thank friends and family for all of their kind help during the difficult time including offers and donations of accommodation and clothes as well as decorating and painting services.

She also warned others to switch off their electrical appliances before they leave home.

In a bid to help ease her sister’s suffering, Jade’s sister Holleigh Jankowicz, 28, has launched a Gofundme page.

On the page, Holleigh wrote: “[T]hey only have the clothes that they wore on the day they returned home.

“I know times are hard for everyone, but I’m being cheeky and asking if anyone can spare anything at all to donate to them at this awful time.

“I’ve created this page for anyone who would prefer to donate money to them, any amount is greatly appreciated.”

The link to the Gofundme page can be found here.

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