‘Farage has CLEAR message!’ Ferrari GRILLS Tom Watson over Labour’s MUDDLED Brexit stance

Nick Ferrari of LBC took aim at the Labour party for their “unclear” Brexit position and grilled Tom Watson on whether he ever felt “frustrated” at the parties position. He added that Nigel Farage’s Brexit party remained unified and clear on their position on Brexit. Mr Watson began: “What Jeremy Corbyn is saying is that we are in opposition and we respected the referendum in that we voted to trigger Article 50 which essentially meant that the process of leaving the EU began.

“We have tried to reach an accommodation with Theresa May very late in the day.

“They were based around some of the principles that we outlined a couple of years ago and we have not been able to do that.”

The LBC host then interrupted to say: “So you haven’t respected the referendum result.

“Not you personally but the Labour party haven’t respected the referendum result have they.”

While stuttering Mr Watson replied: “I think we have Nick and people can interpret that and point a finger.

“But I think what you can see from the Labour party is the official opposition is our best endeavours in very difficult circumstances.”

Mr Ferrari later asked if the Labour deputy leader was ever frustrated by his party’s position on Brexit.

Mr Watson responded: “It is very difficult to hold a very solid unified collective view on Brexit.

“So yes it is a difficult process.”

The LBC host then added that Nigel Farage and his Brexit party all seemingly hold the same view on Brexit and remain unified as a party.

The Labour MP snapped back: “Well Mr Farage is not seeking to unite the nation.

“In fact, I think with Nigel Farage it is a new form of populist politics that is seeking to divide us as a nation.”

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