Farage reveals ‘first watering down’ of Boris’ Brexit pledges – ‘Britons in for a shock!’

Speaking on his LBC radio show, the Brexit Party leader pulled apart Boris Johnson’s Brexit promise the UK will leave the EU on October 31 “do or die” as he highlighted a fundamental part of the Prime Minister’s speech in Wales. Nigel Farage pointed out the newly-appointed Tory leader said the UK would leave the single market and the customs union “in the next couple of years”.

To the comment, the Brexit Party leader reacted: “What? The next couple of years? You said 31st of October do or die!

“There we are folks, that is the first watering down of everything Boris said.

“He now, effectively with that comment is talking potentially about a transition period, or an implementation period as Mrs May branded it, of up to two years.

“So we could, under Boris, still be in the single market, still be in the customs union, and unable to negotiate any trade deals.

What? The next couple of years? You said 31st of October do or die!

Nigel Farage

“No doubt paying over far more than £39 billion and we could still be in, in 2021 effectively.

“I think people might be in for a little bit of a shock.

“I really do think that what Boris Johnson is going to do is to try to bring back Mrs May’s deal, that new European Treaty, re-brand it, reheat it, try and sell it to the House of Commons and the British people as some kind of new British deal.

“Maybe even put that to a general election. And if he does that, there’s very little difference between him and Mrs May. Let’s hope I’m wrong.”

The Prime Minister sent his top Europe adviser to Brussels yesterday to tell diplomats that Brexit will happen on October 31 with or without a deal.

David Frost, a former Foreign Office official, was sent over by the new Prime Minister to hold meetings with EU officials. The move comes as Mr Johnson has demanded the EU remove the Irish backstop from the withdrawal agreement. But the EU is currently resisting opening up key elements of the Brexit deal to be renegotiated.

A Downing Street spokeswoman said: “In his role as the Prime Minister’s Europe adviser, David Frost is visiting Brussels to have introductory meetings with key officials and to pass on the prime minister’s message in person.

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“If we are not able to reach an agreement then we will, of course, have to leave the EU without a deal.”

Mr Frost will be delivering the message that the UK will leave the EU on Halloween “whatever the circumstances”.

Spokeswoman Annika Breidthardt added: “I can confirm that David Frost is over the next days meeting with the head of the president’s cabinet Clara Martinez Alberola, with the secretary-general ad interim Ilze Juhansone and Stephanie Riso, director in Task Force 50.”

She played down the prospect of Mr Frost’s meeting being the start of fresh negotiations.

“It’s a new sherpa, our officials always meet with the sherpa so it’s a meeting on that basis,” Ms Breidthardt said.

Mr Frost left his role as chief executive of the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry to take up his job in Mr Johnson’s administration.

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