Farmer on verge of tears as she demands Boris stop pig culling ‘We farm to feed UK!’

Farmer on verge of tears as she demands Boris stop pig culling

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A farmer has implored for help from Boris Johnson to stop pig culling, saying it is “criminal” to throw meat in the bin when there are people “starving” in the UK. Some 600 pigs have already been slaughtered and then binned as a result of labour shortages in the abattoirs. Farmers have been urging the Government to include butchers in the list of critical workers and provide emergency visas to recruit abroad if needed.

Speaking to BBC News, farmer Kate Morgan was on the verge of tears saying: “We are doing our jobs. This is not the farmers’ fault.

“We are struggling so much and all we are asking for is some help.”

BBC News host Victoria Derbyshire asked: “When do you need help by?  What’s the timescale on this?”

The farmer said in response: “We needed help three weeks ago, months ago.

“People are killing pigs now we personally are weeks away from having to make this horrendous choice, and it will destroy us.”

The host asked: “Why do you say that?”

Ms Morgan answered: “Because we farm to feed the nation. We don’t farm to throw it in the bin.

This is food waste. There are people starving in this country in the world 

“And our Government are prepared to let us throw healthy protein into the big, and that is criminal. 

“They’re telling schools to stockpile food, yet we are going to be throwing food in the bin.


“This is criminal. This is so, so serious.”

According to a top vet, the Prime Minister is not taking the prospect of a national pig cull seriously.

The National Pig Association said that a mass cull of pigs is “the next stage”. 

Hundreds of healthy pigs have already been culled as a result of overcrowding on farms, with members of the sectors warning thousands more could be slaughtered.

The industry also warned of potential pig meat shortages in the run of to Christmas because of the lack of enough butchers to help process the meat.

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