Fashion Queen Kate prompts woman to spend £3k trying to copy Duchess’s style

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The Duchess of Cambridge’s dazzling gowns and savvy high street fashion have been emulated by a British woman. It is not uncommon for matches of Kate Middleton’s outfits to sell out within minutes but one woman has decided to dedicate a large proportion of her salary in copying Kate’s look. Eleanor Jayne, aged 30, is an investment manager and has been copying the Duchess of Cambridge’s style for the last five years.

The mum of one, who lives in Cambridge with her 35-year-old husband and their son Freddie, is a so-called ‘Repli-Kate’.

A ‘Repli-Kate’ is the nickname given to super-fans of the Duchess of who share their obsession with her online.

Speaking to The Sun, Mrs Jayne said she “spent £3,000 copying Kate Middleton’s style”.

The British woman added: “I’ll trawl eBay for hours to find her sold-out looks.”

Mrs Jayne added: “I’ve always been a big fan of Kate Middleton.

“This is because she carries herself and dresses very well.

“She also does a good job of pairing designer clothes with high street fashion, which I really like.

“When I started working in finance ten years ago, there wasn’t much inspiration for women’s outfits in a formal office job.

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“I started copying Kate’s looks that I saw her wearing on TV and in magazines.

“Kate made midi dresses and heels cool and her look is perfect for work because it’s comfortable yet stylish.

“If she wears a gorgeous midi dress, I’ll always hunt for it afterwards.

“Five years ago, she wore a pink dress from Hobbs and it sold out instantly.

“I remember trawling eBay for hours trying to find it but I never did.

“I was gutted.”

Mrs Jayne owns ten identical outfits worn by the Duchess of Cambridge.

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Eleanor added: “Most of my clothes are inspired by her.

“I’ll set up an alert on the second-hand shops for ‘blue midi dress, Coast’ or whatever she’s wearing.

“eBay, Vinted and Vestiaire are my favourite websites.

“Vestiaire sells second-hand designer clothes and it’s good because it covers lots of different countries.

“In England, Kate’s clothes sell out straight away but sometimes they’re a little slower abroad, which means I can get them shipped over from countries like France.

“Since Kate started getting a bouncy blow-dry, I’ve copied that too.

“It’s how me and all my friends do our hair now.”

The Duchess of Cambridge turned 40 on Sunday.

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