‘Fat stupid, selfish liar’ – Landlord attacks his OWN staff in bitter online rant

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The posts make a string of allegations against people who have worked at the Rose Cottage Tavern Restaurant in Redruth, Cornwall. A chef is described as a “lazy, depressed scammer” who “could not cook anything hot without a day’s notice”.

The post says he “had a fit” when another seven orders came in within 30 minutes of five others.

Another cook is accused of being unable to read recipes while an 18-year-old staff member “could cook but just”, “focused on sex” and “never cleaned the kitchen”.

A fourth post says another worker nicknamed the Cabbage “played video games all shift with just one thumb” while an applicant for a head chef job is described as  “Too fat, too stupid, too selfish… a liar & thief”.

One woman, paid £8.50 an hour according to a post, is criticised as “a useless, dishonest crack addict” and another is accused of giving away up to £3,000 worth of drinks to her friends on a Saturday night.

“Alcoholic who never made it in Monday morning – not once. Always arrived late, left early, often a no show”, the post says.

Eleven people are slammed online with only the proprietor praised, leading some to suggest the posts are his handy work.

The owner, Rami Bekhit, is described as a “fearless, adventurous trailblazer” who was “absolutely hopelessly (sic) too trusting in a town stricken & driven by poverty full of outlaw gypsies on housing/mental illness/PTSD/ex-offender benefits”.

The “staffing” pool in Redruth is “quite the dire straits”, according to another post.


Redruth itself is called a “s*** hole” and dubbed “Deadruth” in the 1,300-word rant.

Kevin Stevens, landlord at the Miners Arms in Redruth, defended the town which was a thriving mining town until pits closed.

“That statement disgusts me, but some [of the criticisms] are true. We are run down, but there are lots of towns like that.

“But I’m so proud to be in Redruth and proud of the people here. They are lovely. My staff are fantastic,” he said.

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He explained how The Rose Cottage Tavern was taken on by Mr Bekhit in the early 2000s, but had struggled to succeed.

Danielle Clarke worked at the venue for three years and has been subject to some of the vile claims made online.

She told CornwallLive that the things said about her and others are unforgivable.

“Everyone has seen it. I’m getting loads of messages, my daughter and my mum read it. I’ve never done a thing wrong. I have always taken up extra shifts. I always worked really hard there,” she said.

The post on the venue’s website explains: “The proprietor sought to bring a top dining experience at low gastropub prices to the most deprived town in the most deprived county of England together with top quartile salaried jobs”.

In a bid to succeed, the restaurant advertised gigs by pop icon Boy George with American new wave band The B52s and rock star Joan Jett none of which went ahead, according to CornwallLive.

The Rose Cottage Tavern Restaurant was not contactable.

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