Fed-up drivers drag Just Stop Oil protesters off the road

Just Stop Oil protesters block road in Shoreditch

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Just Stop Oil protesters carried out a human roadblock on a busy road in Shoreditch, London, this afternoon, sparking a furious showdown with fed-up drivers. Frustrations boiled over on Shoreditch High Street when the climate change activists carried out their 15th consecutive day of action. More than twenty activists of all ages glued themselves to the tarmac today as part of the group’s plan for month-long disruption around London.

Sharing a clip of the protest, Just Stop Oil tweeted: “Just after 12pm, around 20 supporters of Just Stop Oil established a roadblock on Shoreditch High St at the junction of Great Eastern St, demanding that the Government halts all new oil and gas consents and licences.”

Videos from the road showed one irate driver complaining that his partner “was not well” and that he needed to get her to the hospital.

The tense exchange saw the man shout: “My missus is not well, mate.

“She needs to get to the hospital. Get out of the f****** way before I lose my temper.”

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He added: “My missus is not well. Have some respect for other people, not just yourselves.

“There are other people that need to get places.”

However, the activists refused to relent and their social media team defended their actions.

It comes 24 hours after two Just Stop Oil activists threw soup on Vincent Van Gough’s Sunflowers painting in the National Gallery, while others painted over Metropolitan Police’s iconic New Scotland Yard sign.

Referencing the previous actions, Just Stop Oil tweeted: “We accept both these actions have upset and provoked many people, as will the disruption caused by today’s roadblock.

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“But our art, culture and the rule of law is threatened. Our heritage, rights and freedoms are being destroyed by our government’s lies and the failure of politics, and right now millions of people are facing this brutal impact of climate change.

“Yet our government is seeking to expand fossil fuel production. Ending new oil and gas is a no-brainer first step to ending the harm, the Government can at least end the disruption on the streets tomorrow, by announcing this policy.

“They have changed their mind on everything else.”

Other clips shared online showed fuming members of the public physically dragging the climate protesters off the road to allow traffic through.

The Metropolitan Police later confirmed that officers were on the scene quickly and 26 arrests were made for obstruction of the highway.


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The Met Police tweeted: “Police were quickly on scene after protesters blocked roads in the #Shoreditch area around 12:15hrs today, Saturday, 15 Oct.

“Several individuals ‘locked on’ & glued themselves onto the road surface. Specialist officers were required to attend to carry out debonding.

“26 arrests were made for wilful obstruction of the highway. Roads were quickly opened & traffic back to normal.”

A separate eco-protest today saw activists from another climate change group Animal Rebellion trash a number of high-end stores across the country in a coordinated demonstration.

The vegan eco-activists targeted luxury stores like Harrods and Fortnum & Mason in London.

Protesters were also filmed pouring milk onto the shop floors at Waitrose, Whole Foods and Marks and Spencer in London, Manchester, Norwich and Edinburgh.


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