Female teacher filmed slapping horse during hunt SACKED from job

Woman appears to hit and kick at a horse

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Footage which emerged last month showed a white horse trotting towards the woman, before she grabbed its reigns and kicks it. She then slapped the horse several times in the face while the animal recoils.

Sarah Moulds was subsequently identified as the woman in the video, after the RSPCA launched an investigation into it.

She has now lost her job as a primary school teacher in Melton Mowbray.

In a statement on its website, Paul Maddox, chief operating officer of Mowbray Education Trust, confirmed “that Sarah Moulds’ employment with the Trust has been terminated.

“As a Trust we are committed to ensuring the best standard of education for all of our young people and we look forward to continuing this throughout the 2021/22 academic year and beyond.”

The incident was shared on social media on Sunday by the Hertfordshire Hunt Saboteurs, an anti-hunting group, in November.

It called the footage “shocking”, claiming that “violence running through their veins.”

The group added: “Only concern is what is she [is going to] do to that horse when she gets back from driving home.”

The RSPCA said the footage was “really upsetting”.

According to the Mail, Ms Moulds was a senior leader and teacher at Somerby School, part of the Mowbray Education Trust, prior to her termination.

It added that The Pony Club had also dropped her as a team manager after the video was posted online.

A neighbour previously told the paper that Ms Moulds had moved out of her home after receiving death threats and abuse.

They said: “It’s awful and has got very much out of hand. She fears for her life.”

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Meanwhile, David Kirkham, Ms Moulds’ uncle told it: “She is a very upright person, a fantastic person who absolutely loves her horses.

“I’ve seen the video but we don’t know what the horse had been doing and if it was out of control. But we know it ran out onto the road and she told it off.

“She was reprimanding the horse. There was no malice intended.

“She is very well thought of and respected.”

Hertfordshire Hunt Saboteurs claimed that the woman in the video was a member of the Cottesmore Hunt, a foxhound pack based in Rutland.

The Hunting Office previously told ITV that it “condemns the actions taken by this individual, who is not a member of the hunting associations.”

It added that it “expects the highest level of animal welfare” among hunters.

Cottesmore Hunt said when the video emerged that it did not condone the actions shown “under any circumstances”.

It added: “We will be reminding all of our supporters that this will not be tolerated.”

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