Fergie retains royal magic touch as she ‘changed life’ of author with Instagram project

Sarah Ferguson reflects on her life as a royal

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Author Mari Sherkin’s first published children’s book, titled A Fairy On My Sleeve, was read by the Duchess of York, Sarah “Fergie” Ferguson, on the Storytime with Fergie and Friends YouTube Channel last year. Speaking on his YouTube channel, royal expert Neil Sean discusses the “heartwarming story” of how the Duchess’ interest in the book changed Ms Sherkin’s life.

Mr Sean said: “Mari, herself, is a very accomplished author.

“[She] had written a children’s book, which she decided to send along to the Duchess of York, never really thinking that she would hear anything from it or even a knowledge of receipt.

“She just wanted to say, you know, look, I’ve done a book and this is the deal”.

The royal expert continued: “The book called A Fairy On My Sleeve landed at, of course, Royal Lodge in Windsor.

“Literally to the shock of Mari, literally two days later she received notification that Sarah was going to be featuring it in Storytime with Sarah on YouTube”.

Mr Sean added: “As you can imagine, this escalated interest worldwide.

“She got a lovely response back, feedback, praise and of course, you know, how well the book had done for her”.

He then noted that following the exposure, Mari got invited onto “local TV stations, radio stations and the book simply got masses of publicity”.

According to a note, Mari sent to Mr Sean, the author was ‘in total shock” and that she never thought, Sarah would “go the whole hog, as it were, and feature her on her YouTube channel”.

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Mr Sean added: “That, of course, has resulted into a bit of celebrity for Mari now”.

Mr Sean also stated that Mari, who lives in Canada but is originally from the North of England, was just “reaching out particularly during the pandemic to reconnect with home”.

According to Collingwood Today, Sherkin wrote the story about 20 years ago, along with several other tales.

The story is about a girl who cherishes a belief in fairies, but becomes skeptical as she grows into an adult.

She then sees a real fairy one day, while sitting in a forest.


Mari told Collingwood Today: “It came to me in the garden, with the butterflies and the dandelions floating”.

The author also revealed that, as a child, she spent a lot of time with her Grandad in his garden.

She added: “I love the outdoors, that’s where I get my inspiration”.

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