Ferrari erupts as energy crisis leaves Brits ‘burning firewood at home’ to cope with costs

Energy crisis: Gove and Ferrari clash over emergency budget

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LBC presenter Nick Ferrari clashed with Levelling Up Secretary Michael Gove as he ruled out Emergency Budget as a possible initiative to tackle the current energy crisis. In light of the negative response, Mr Ferrari pointed out to Mr Gove that “people are burning firewood at home to keep warm” and called for an “action” from the government as he claims “initiative to escape MOTs is not exactly going to get it done”. The exchange came after the Fire Brigade in New Malden was forced to issue a warning not to start open fires inside the home after a blaze tore through a flat.

The LBC presenter said: “People are burning firewood in their houses to keep warm and spending all day driving around in the back seat of a bus.

“We need action, Mr Gove!

“There’s a lot of people saying it’s not been done enough.

“You’ll be aware that one in 20 homes now have outgoings that vastly exceed their income, people are getting closer and closer what this could be called struggle street and nothing forthcoming.

“Do you think we need an emergency budget? Do we need to review the lifting corporation tax, or do we need to cut VAT?

Mr Gove firmly responded: “No, no, no.”

In light of the firm response, Mr Ferrari asked: “Why? Why? Why?”

Mr Grove said: “I don’t think we need an emergence budget.

“I do think that we need to make sure that we have the right balance between paying down our deficit, keeping the confidence of International markets, and keeping interest rates as low as possible with also targeting help on the very poorest.

Mr Ferrari questioned perplexed: “How is that to come about? How is that help for those at the lowest end if we don’t have some kind of budget?

“Or some kind of announcement from your colleague Mr Sunak?

“How is that to be brought about?


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“Mr Gove, scrapping MOTs is not exactly going to get it done, is it?”

The Tory frontbencher replied: “We’ve already done things like cutting Council Tax for the very poorest.

“Helping with energy bills for everyone.

He concluded: “We are also looking at other steps that we can take to help everyone”.

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