Feuding gangs: Army brought in for searches in west Dublin

THE Army have been brought in to carry out searches in west Dublin as part of a garda operation targeting feuding gangs in the area.

Over the last two days searches have been ongoing in a wooded area off Waterville Road, Blanchardstown.

On Tuesday, gardai recovered a loaded firearm fitted with a silencer. They believe it is linked to a crime gang involved an ongoing feud in Corduff.

The searches are continuing today with gardai being supported by members of the Defence Force’s.

Up to 20 army personnel were involved in assisting gardai for the specialist engineer search.

The operation is expected to continue throughout today, but it is understood that nothing more significant has yet been recovered.

Gardai and military personnel were observed at the site this afternoon equipped with metal detectors, slash hooks and pitch forks.

The thorough searches are being carried out following the discovery of a firearm on Tuesday.

It is suspected the weapon, a Makarov handgun loaded with seven bullets, belonged to a crime gang led by a 22-year-old criminal.

This crime group are currently involved in a feud with former associates of the Westies gang in the Corduff area.

It is not believed this feud is linked to the spate of murders in Dublin in recent days which has seen three men shot dead.

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