‘F***ing idiots!’ Cyclists engulfed in cloud of exhaust fumes as drivers rage at new rules

GMB: Mike Graham slams new Highway Code cyclist rules

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The duo, who were driving a 4×4 vehicle at the time, deliberately trapped two racing bike riders in their car’s exhaust fumes on a narrow country lane, laughing as they filmed the incident through their vehicle’s wing mirror. This comes as new rules from the Highway Code advise cyclists to ride in the centre of lanes on quieter roads or in slower-moving traffic, in order to make themselves as visible as possible. However, many drivers have hit out at the changes, with some accusing cyclists of taking over the roads.

In this incident, footage shows the passenger of a vehicle shouting “smoke the c***s”, while following two cyclists.

The driver is then seen unleashing a thick cloud of black fumes from the car’s exhaust as they overtake the riders.

The smoke was so thick that the cyclists can no longer be seen in the footage.

One of the passengers in the car can be heard shouting “get smoked boys”, before the car slowed down.

The clip, posted to Facebook last week, has been viewed more than 500,000 times and has almost 16,000 reactions and comments.

If breathed in, vehicle exhaust fumes are a risk to health and they can also irritate the eyes and respiratory tract.

British Cycling has hit out at the footage, calling it “abhorrent”.

They called for it to be investigated by the authorities.

Meanwhile, Facebook users criticised the pair of endangering the cyclists.

One user, Ben Davies, called them “f***ing idiots.”

Darren McColgan described the incident as “brainless.”

Chris Sisson added: What a f***ing blend.”

But some users found the stunt amusing, with some even calling it “brilliant”.

Darryl Homer wrote: “I laugh every time I watch it.”

Tristan Welfare agreed, writing: “That’s so funny.”

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Kev Wright added: “I enjoyed this a lot!”

Danny White, from Weston-super-Mare, North Somerset, shared the video on Facebook last week joking: “do you reckon she passes the emissions test?”.

But he denied being involved in the incident, saying the footage belongs to a friend who did not wish to comment further.

British Cycling said: “It’s exactly this type of abhorrent behaviour which makes cyclists feel so threatened and unsafe when riding on our roads, and sadly causes many to give up altogether.

“We hope that the video will be investigated by the appropriate authorities, but until we have a criminal justice system which routinely punishes such examples of mindless driving and protects vulnerable road users, such instances will continue to be all too common.”

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