Firm’s silence will make Harry’s Megxit memoir ‘shallow storyline’

Prince Harry: A look at leaked claims from memoir Spare

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Prince Harry’s memoir ‘Spare’ might be the “final nail in the coffin”, royal experts have warned as the palace prepares itself for a major impact. The Duke of Sussex’s memoir is not officially released until January 10 but leaked excerpts and early sales in Spain have revealed a series of claims and intimate personal details.

Teaser clips for the interviews have seen Harry describing how he wants his father and brother back while also insisting the “truth” needs to be made public.

CBS has described its full interview as “revealing” and Harry’s book as “explosive”.

Bestselling author Christopher Andersen, who has recently written a book about King Charles III, told Fox News Digital that the Duke will continue to speak out against the palace with a hope that he will be finally heard.

He told Fox News: “By chumming the waters with his ITV and ‘60 Minutes’ interviews, Harry is making it crystal clear that he will do whatever it takes for his book to make an impact.

“So far it doesn’t seem as if Harry is pulling any punches. If I were a king less than five months from his coronation, I’d be worried… Publicly, King Charles has done a remarkable job of maintaining a stiff upper lip. [But] I’m sure it’s already started to tremble.”

The royal expert claimed that multiple sources have told him that the Duke of Sussex is hoping for an apology from the palace.

He said: “William’s silence speaks volumes. Both the king and the Prince of Wales have epic tempers, and I shudder to think what is happening right now behind closed door.

“It’s impossible to imagine that Harry’s book won’t just be another nail in the coffin of his relationship with the rest of the royals.

“It might be the final nail in the coffin.

“If Harry really wants his father and brother back in his life, he has a very peculiar way of showing it.”

The interviews and the book is in continuation to the revelations made by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle recently in their six-part documentary series for Netflix.

During the show, the royal couple spoke about their fallout with the Royal Family and their relationship with British media.

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While there have been multiple shocking revelations made by the couple during the series, the Buckingham Palace has not responded to any of the claims.

Kinsey Schofield, a royal expert and host of the “To Di For Daily” podcast, told Fox News Digital that there is a good reason why Buckingham Palace has not released a statement defending itself.

She said: “The royal family is bracing for negative headlines, but they have survived much worse.

“They are confident that this is only temporary, and their team gets the sense that people are very much over this storyline.

“If the royal family responds, then it keeps Harry and Meghan’s drama going… If they remain quiet and Harry and Meghan keep beating the same drum, people will grow increasingly tired of this very shallow storyline.”

Spare is available to buy from all bookshops and audiobook providers from January 10th.

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